20+ YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Face

If you are looking for the best YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Face, this is the right place for you.

Through this blog post article, more than 20 youtube channel idea has been described, which can be started without face visualization. Apart from this, these channel ideas are highly profitable as well as have a great trending record over the year.

At the present time, a large number of popular faceless YouTube channels are available, with subscribers counting in millions, but nobody knows who is the real owner of these channels who earn millions every month.

Without any delay, let’s discuss the Best YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Face.

Can Faceless YouTube Channel be monetized?

Many new YouTubers are highly curious to know whether a YouTube channel that is started without a face can be monetized or not.

We can answer it with full confidence, and that is!


At present time a YouTube channel started without showing face can be monetized by using Google AdSense.

Apart from Google AdSense, a faceless youtube channel can be monetized with other options such as Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorship, and many others.

Special care is needed during the application for the monetization of any faceless youtube channel.

There should be no copywriting or strike is not available during the AdSense monetization application process.

Let’s start a detailed discussion about the various niche ideas on which faceless YouTube channels can be started.

20+ Best YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Face

Animation Channel: Create animated videos on various topics.

Animation is the best way to show any idea in reality without showing face.

A skilled animation creator can start a wonderful youtube channel without showing their face in front of the camera.

This type of channel become an extremely favorite channel among the viewer, and their video are going to be viral on youtube if videos are created by using a high level of creativity and excellent storytelling skills.

Here are some animation YouTube channel ideas that you can start without showing your face:

  • Short Films
  • Educational videos
  • Music videos
  • Parodies
  • Animated Series
  • Motion graphics
  • Explainer videos
  • Animated Book Trailers
  • Animated Infographics

Gaming Channel: Create gaming videos with voice-over commentary.

Gaming is a popular and high-earning niche on YouTube platforms.

There are many ways to start a faceless youtube channel which are listed below.

Gaming-related youtube channels have a large number of engagements and regular viewership.

To grow any faceless gaming Youtube channel, there is the proper selection of keywords and tags with an attractive title is only needed.

Here are some Gaming Youtube channels idea that can be started without showing face:

  • Gameplay Commentary:
  • Let’s Plays
  • Game Reviews
  • Walkthroughs
  • Montages
  • Machinima
  • Game Mods
  • Game Challenges
  • Game Demos
  • Game News

Top 10 Channel: Create videos on top 10 lists on various topics.

Creating a “Top 10 list” YouTube channel is the best engaging and informative way to share knowledge and interests with an audience worldwide.

If a video on the top 10 lists has been created with the right approach, then it will catch the audience with educational entertainment.

We have identified some top 10 channel ideas which can be started without showing face and have high earning potential.

  • Top 10 Travel Destinations
  • Top 10 Books
  • Top 10 Movies
  • Top 10 TV Shows
  • Top 10 Video Games
  • Top 10 Gadgets
  • Top 10 Music Artists
  • Top 10 Fashion Trends
  • Top 10 Fitness Tips
  • Top 10 Quotes

Storytelling Channel: Create animated or illustrated videos that tell stories.

There is no doubt that storytelling always remains a powerful way to connect with online audiences and share their ideas with them.

Anyone who is passionate about storytelling and looking for new opportunities to express their creativity can start a new faceless youtube channel.

Most social media experts things that storytelling becomes highly attractive if it includes animated or illustrated.

For starting a storytelling youtube channel, the selection of a channel niche or theme is highly essential, it may be ant things from children’s stories to horror stories, historical events, personal anecdotes, etc.

In our opinion, be careful during the selection of your faceless storytelling YouTube channel and select the niche in which you are passionate and have deep knowledge in them.

There are much animation-creating software like Adobe After Effects, Procreate or Photoshop, etc, which will help to create video formats.

To make a storytelling video more engaging, it should be started with a clear beginning, attractive middle, and finished with excitement.

Proper use of music, sound effects, and voiceover narration is a must to enhance the storytelling experience.

After publishing a storytelling video on a youtube channel, its promotion on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc, enhances the audience reach.

DIY Channel: Create DIY videos on various topics such as home improvement, crafts, etc.

If you’re passionate about do-it-yourself projects and enjoy sharing your knowledge and skills with others, creating a DIY channel on YouTube could be an excellent idea.

In this channel, you can do any DIY work, from home improvement and repair to crafts, woodworking, gardening, etc.

Whatever your niche, make sure it’s something you’re passionate about and can create engaging content around.

The demand for this type of DIY content is very high on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram platforms.

For DIY channel video, you can do the following:

  • Simple DIY tutorial
  • How-to guides,
  • Product reviews etc.

What you can consider during the DIY video:

  • Create a content calendar to help you stay organized and consistently post new videos.
  • When creating your videos, make sure they’re high-quality and informative.
  • A clear induction of safety precautions with tool and material name which is used.
  • Use lighting and sound to enhance the viewing experience, and consider using background music to keep things engaging.

ASMR Channel: Create ASMR videos with soothing sounds and visuals.

ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, has recently become increasingly popular for reducing work stress and providing relaxation.

A faceless ASMR youtube channel can be a money cow for people interested in creating calm and relaxing sounds.

The ASMR video, which contains soft-spoken readings to gentle tapping, whispering, or nature sounds, has the potential to trade on the youtube platform.

Ensure the video provides your viewers with a high-level relaxing and immersive experience.

High-quality audio and video visuals with some nature footage in slow motion make these videos popular and engaging.

During the edition of the video, the different sounds should be adjusted in such a way that it should be a relaxing sound.

Science Channel: Create videos on science topics such as physics, chemistry, biology, etc.

For a person who has a deep passionate love for science and enjoys sharing their knowledge with others can create a science channel on YouTube and earn unexpected money every month from Youtube.

Selecting a niche is highly important for attracting a targeted audience on the channel.

The channel niche could be anything related to physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, environmental science, etc, but you should be passionate about it.

After completing the following above step, start creating highly engaging content with continuity but proper planning.

Apart from this, also think about the types of videos you want to create, such as educational tutorials, experiments, or interviews with experts.

Using visual aids such as beautiful diagrams and high-quality animations will prove beneficial for users to understand complex concepts.

Educational Channel: Create educational videos on various topics.

An educational youtube channel would be the best source of earning by sharing teaching knowledge without showing their face.

If anyone is passionate about teaching can be started this type of youtube channel.

On this channel, you can teach from language learning and history to business, technology, personal development, software development, etc.

But before selecting the subject of your teaching, make sure it’s something you’re knowledgeable about and can create engaging content around.

What type of content can be uploaded on an educational youtube channel:

  • Tutorials,
  • Lectures,
  • Interviews with experts
  • Exam practice
  • Qnas
  • Basic theories, practical applications, etc.

History Channel: Create videos on historical events and figures.

At the current time, many peoples are highly curious about knowing their own history in a detailed and simple way.

If anyone loves history can be started a youtube channel without showing their face.

As per many research reports, the history-related channel shows a high engagement of viewers, but the earning CTR is quite low related to other types of channel niches.

What you can show on the History YouTube channel:

  • Knowledge about ancient civilizations
  • Famous world wars
  • Famous figures of history,
  • Historical Documentaries,
  • Various Cultural movements etc.

Documentary Channel: Create documentaries on various topics.

A storyteller can succeed quickly by creating a documentary channel on YouTube without showing their face.

By using effective animation with good skill of storytelling, a documentary-related youtube channel can be started without showing faces.

What content can be published on Documetry’s youtube channel?

  • Nature and wildlife
  • Social justice and politics
  • Any technological developments
  • Any country growth.
  • Investigative pieces,
  • Biographies,
  • Historical retrospectives etc.

Recipe Channel: Create recipe videos with step-by-step instructions and visuals.

Starting a recipe channel on youtube is a great idea to start a youtube channel without showing their face.

This type of channel idea is a suitable choice for the person who loves cooking and wants to share their favorite recipes with others through Youtube.

Without any doubt, starting a recipe channel on YouTube will be a great way to showcase culinary skills and build a community that loves cooking.

What do you need to start a recipe youtube channel?

  • Select channel niche (vegan cooking to international cuisine)
  • Types of recipe videos (Quick and easy meals, gourmet dishes, or healthy options, etc.),
  • Camera, mic and kitchen stand, etc

Apart from this, if the video is shot with different camera angles, then it can enhance the viewer’s attention also.

Travel Channel: Create travel videos with voice-over commentary.

Every day millions of people travel to different places worldwide and are curious to know the destination place before reaching that.

A person who loves to travel and want to share their own experience with other can be the perfect person to start a new travel youtube channel.

In the current scenario, travel-related youtube channels have a high amount of user engagement and a lot of earning potential.

What is needed to start a travel youtube channel?

  • Perfect channel niche (Like adventure travel, Budget-friendly destinations, holy places, etc.)
  • Good knowledge of tourist places.
  • Select the type of videos (such as city guides, cultural experiences, outdoor adventures, etc)
  • use high-quality audio and video with various engaging clips.
  • Describe the culture significant of that place.
  • Express your own experience with total expense,

Music Channel: Create music videos with lyrics or visuals.

A person with shy nature an have good talent in music will start a youtube channel without showing their face and start spreading their talent worldwide.

What can be done on a music-related YouTube channel?

  • Start covering popular songs to original compositions,
  • Start mixing trading memes into music,
  • Start uploading live performances, lyric videos, music videos with visuals, etc.,

Poetry Channel: Create videos of spoken-word poetry.

A poet has the power to attract the most people from their poetry.

If anyone is passionate about poetry but shows shyness to show their face on video, starting a faceless youtube channel will be a good idea for that type of person.

Without any doubt, it is a fantastic idea, but the earning potential is a bit low compared t other popular niches.

What kind of video can be uploaded on the faceless poetry channel?

  • Poetry relates to personal experience, current social issues,
  • Performance poetry, slam poetry, or spoken-word storytelling,
  • Poetry written by famous poets etc.

Language Learning Channel: Create language learning videos.

In this globalized world, a person who has the ability to speak multiple languages will get success very fast.

Many people are curious about learning different languages to explore different cultures, careers, and business opportunities.

If you have good knowledge of another language other than your native tongue, creating a language-learning channel on YouTube would be a fantastic idea without showing your face.

What do you need to start a language-learning youtube channel?

  • Deep knowledge of that particular language,
  • Start uploading videos related to vocabulary lessons, grammar explanations, conversational practice, etc,
  • Eperess the concept with the help of figures,
  • Promote channel on different social media networks,
  • Fastly respond to the viewer comments and Questions,

Comedy Channel: Create animated or illustrated comedic videos.

Making a smile on a sad person’s face is the best talent in the world.

If you’re able to make people laugh with your funny jokes, creating a comedy channel on YouTube could be the perfect outlet for your talent.

But what if you don’t want to show your face on camera?

No problem!

You can create animated or illustrated comedic videos instead.

What do you need to start a successful comedy channel without ever showing your face?

  • Select your comedic style (Satirical content, sketch comedy, or something entirely unique, etc)
  • Choosing a casting character which relatable to the audience would be a good idea,
  • Put famous funny short clips in your videos,
  • The video should have good-quality audio, video, and visual effects,
  • Share them on different social media platforms.

Book Review Channel: Create book review videos with animated visuals.

Faceless Book Reviews Youtube channels without showing face are best suitable for the literature lover.

This is the era of Podcast, and most book lovers want to listen to their favorite books in audio mode.

If anyone can introduce the animation work with their book review voice, then there is a very high probability of gaining a lot of attraction from the viewers very fast.

For starting a faceless book review youtube channel, the selection of a book review category is highly essential.

If a children’s book has been reviewed, then the video should contain bright and colorful visuals, while a mystery novel may require a darker color palette and more intense imagery.

Movie Review Channel: Create movie review videos with animated visuals.

Almost everyone is interested in watching the movie review before watching. This attracts toward the youtube platform to check the latest movie fair reviews.

For anyone who is a movie buff with a knack for animation, creating a movie review channel with animated visuals is a great way to showcase your love for cinema.

There is a lot of work opportunity to do on a faceless youtube channel.

  • Latest and favorite movie review
  • Everyday Box office collection update
  • Collection of best funny movie clips

What should be done on faceless youtube video?

  • Provide a theme for the movie review video, it may be vintage, sci-fi, fantastic, comedy, etc.
  • Summaries the plot of the movie and provide your opinion,
  • Highlight key themes and characters.
  • Point out what you like and what not you like,

At the present time, movie review YouTube channels are the most engaging channels on Youtube, which collect view count in millions, but earnings are less as compared to other niches.

Sports Channel: Create animated or illustrated videos on various sports topics.

Starting a sports-related faceless youtube channel is the best way to make money who is passionate about any sports.

There are different types of sports played worldwide, and every game has a separate audience base.

So select your niche sport in which you have deep knowledge and start a youtube channel without showing face.

Thinks should be considered to starting a faceless youtube channel:

  • It should be niche centric i.e. particularly focus on one sport only.
  • Unique animation with catchy clips engages the audience.
  • The video should have high-quality audio and visuals.
  • Summarize the key moments of the game with your opinion, and highlight key players and strategies.
  • Timely responding to the audience’s comments enhances your channel engagement.

Without a doubt, creating a successful sports channel with animated visuals is an excellent way to combine your love of sports with your passion for animation.

With a bit of creativity and few amount of hard work, you can create visually stunning and informative sports videos that engage and inform the targeted audience.

Product Review Channel: Create product review videos with animated visuals.

A person who enjoys testing and reviewing products can start a faceless product review Youtube channel and make a lot of money from Google Adsense as well as affiliate marketing.

For a faceless product review, YouTube channel niche selection is important, it may be in beauty products review, tech gadgets review, or household items review, etc.

Using a unique animation during the product review enhances the audience’s interest which directly impacts the video watch time.

To make product review videos more engaging, keep some essential things in mind:

  • Videos should be high-quality and visually engaging.
  • Discuss the key features of the product and provide your opinion,
  • Must highlight the pros and cons of the product.
  • Make sure the audio quality is top-notch and hearable to the viewers clearly.

Finally, promote your channel on social media and engage with your audience.

Respond to comments and questions, and consider collaborating with other product review channels to grow your audience.

FAQ about YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

Can a successful YouTube channel be started without showing a face?

Yes, absolutely!

Many successful faceless YouTube channels don’t feature the creator’s face and earn a lot of money by producing engaging and informative content regularly.

What are some popular faceless youtube channel ideas?

Educational channels, recipe channels, gaming channels, music channels, etc.

What equipment do I need to create an animation channel?

To start an animation-related youtube channel, perfect animation software such as Adobe Animate, Toon Boom, and Blender are needed.

Is special technical knowledge essential to start a faceless youtube channel?

No, you don’t need any special type of technical knowledge to start a faceless YouTube channel, but familiarity is essential with the software and tools you’ll be using to create your videos.

How do I promote my YouTube channel?

For promoting a faceless YouTube channel, use social media, collaborations with other YouTubers, and search engine optimization are the best way.

Can I monetize my YouTube channel without showing my face?

Yes, you can monetize your YouTube channel without showing your face through sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and advertising revenue. However, you may need to meet certain requirements to monetize your channel, such as reaching a certain number of subscribers and watching time.

Conclusion: YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

In this blog post on “YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Faces,” we have explained more than 20 YouTube channel ideas that can be started without showing faces on video.

All the above-described channel ideas have much-earning potential with a large audience base.

Our list is full of many channel ideas, from animated channels to educational channels, which have the opportunity of a wide variety of content and can be started only by using voice-overs and visuals.

But remember on things for creating a successful YouTube channel without showing your face requires creativity, dedication, and the right equipment.

We have explained many software such as Adobe Animate, Toon Boom, and Blender, which will be highly helpful in creating animations, and tools like Canva and PicMonkey can be used to create impressive visuals.

Proper and continuous social media promotion, collaboration with existing YouTubers, and use of relevant keywords and tags will make your faceless youtube channel popular very fast.

Engaging with your audience is also important, and you can do so by responding to comments and questions, hosting Q&A sessions, creating polls or surveys, etc.

In last words, creating a successful YouTube channel without showing your face is definitely possible and can be just as rewarding as creating a channel with your face on it.

With the right idea, dedication, and creativity, you can build a successful channel and reach a wide audience on this platform.

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