5 Website Traffic Estimator Tools To See Any Site’s Traffic

Looking for the basic information about the best website traffic estimator tool, you are at the right place.

In this blog post, we will give you detailed information about the best website traffic estimator tool, those make your blogging life highly easier.

With a great website traffic estimator tool, you can analyze your and your competitor’s website’s full statistics with top-rank keywords, backlinks, monthly traffic, and many more.

If you are newly blogger, then definitely this blog must be highly beneficial for you.

Because we are not talking about one or two but the best seven website traffic estimator tool, those are used daily by most of successful blogger.

In the era of competition, it is highly essential to keep an eye on our competitor’s website to rank on Google’s first page.

You should remain one step forward from your competitor in the area of blogging, and these SEO tools will definitely help you.

By using these tool, you can create or change strategy by tracking the ranking of your website or blog. By working with a good strategy, all the posts in your blog can rank in search engines very quickly.

Without any further delay, let us first understand what website traffic estimator tools are.

What is Blog Traffic?

A blogger works very hard to write a post for his blog. For this, he first does deep research on that topic so that he can provide a good experience to his user. If, after working so hard, he does not even know how much traffic is coming to his blog, then all the hard work is in vain.

The number of daily visitors to any website is called the web traffic of that website. However, the page view of the website may be different from the traffic of the website.
Let us explain this with the help of an example.

Suppose 1000 people visit any website every day. But every single visitor visits an average of 2 pages. So the traffic coming to that website is 1000, but page views will be 2000.

Total page views = traffic per day x average page views per visitor

The traffic coming to any website directly affects the ranking of that website. Although Google does not rank any website officially, Alexa does. Alexa’s rank directly depends on the traffic of that website. Due to which the more traffic comes to a website, the better will be its Alexa ranking.

Why analyze website traffic

During the initial day, new bloggers do very work hard to rank their blogs on search engines. With this hard work, they frequently analyze their blog, and on the basis of the results, they make future strategies for content writing, promotion, Backlink building, Keyword research, etc.

The main question is the rise, why do website traffic analysis?

Don’t worry, we have the answer!

After a blog or website analysis, bloggers found a lot of useful information about their blogs which is given below:

  • First of all, you get the total coming traffic and traffic source to that website.
  • After blog analysis, a blogger can analyze changes in the trends of the visitor from time to time.
  • Blog analysis provides the actual performance of individual pages or posts.
  • Which keywords are getting the most traffic to the website or blog?
  • Blogger also checks the CPC of the different keywords because this directly affects the income of your blog.

Apart from this, after blog or website analysis, bloggers can find a lot of essential information.

For a beginner blogger, blog analysis plays a crucial role in achieving quick success in the field of blogging.

Best Website Traffic Estimator Tools

Google Search Console

If Google Adsense is the primary source of blog earning, then Google search console is definitely beneficial for a blogger.

Google search console, a free service of Google, is responsible for providing your blog or website data to the Google search engine with the help of crawlers.

To use the Google search console webmaster tool, bloggers just need to submit their blog or website by using their Gmail account. After a verification process site has been indexed in the Google search and is ready to receive organic traffic from Google search.

Being the largest search engine in the world, google search is the ultimate source of organic traffic and earnings to blogs.

After verifying the blog or website for indexing in Google Search Console, make sure to submit a sitemap of your website.

There are several free tools available to create a professional sitemap, or you can also choose WordPress SEO plugins like RankMath or Yoast SEO for sitemap generation.

After successfully site submission to the Google search console, you can easily analyze your site’s detailed statistics, performance, traffic source, backlink, rank keywords, SEO-related errors, and many more without paying any fee.

In today’s time, this is the best site traffic estimate tool that provides real-time statistic of your website or blog.

SEMrush (Best website traffic estimator tool)

In the journey to being a successful blogger, SEMrush is a boon to make it very easy.

SEMrush is a very useful all-in-one marketing toolkit for digital marketers that provides the different type of wide range of tools and data for site optimization to rank in search engines and also track your competitors’ online activities.

This site estimator tool provides daily, weekly, and monthly traffic volume for any given website, traffic source, organic search, paid search, social media, direct traffic, referral traffic, etc.

Along with the SEMrush tool, bloggers can also identify site traffic on a geographic basis with particular keywords and also identify content opportunities.

With a facility for deeper site analysis, this tool is a very easy-to-use interface that does not provide 100% accurate data and does not work properly with long-tel keywords.

SEMrush is available in paid version only, if you want to use this tool for free, then you can make an account with limited features per day for only one website.


SimilarWeb is a web analytics and market intelligence paid tool which provide website traffic analysis, user engagement metrics, competitor analysis, industry analysis, and keyword analysis.

With an easy-to-use interface SimilarWeb, is also available in the Google Chrome extension.

Currently, SimilarWeb is a paid website traffic estimator tool with different pricing plans.

With this site estimating tool, bloggers or business owners cannot get the traffic volume of smaller websites with low traffic volumes, real-time data, etc.

All these qualities of SimilarWeb make it a valuable asset for larger organizations looking to gain a competitive edge and remain a popular choice among digital marketers.

Google Adwords Display Planner

The Google AdWords Display Planner was an interactive tool designed to help businesses plan their Google Display Network campaigns. This tool is now incorporated with Google Adwords to help users in the identification of websites, apps, and videos that might be the best places to display their ads.

Actually, this is a free service from Google that provides insights and forecasting data for your display campaigns. With the help of this tool, the blogger also checks their site on the basis of demographics, interests, topics, etc.

However, as of 2021, Google has phased out the standalone Display Planner tool, integrating its features into the broader Google Ads platform to streamline the campaign planning process. The Google Ads interface now provides similar functionality and insights within its Keyword Planner, audience manager, and other campaign setup and management tools.

This tool particularly designs for ad placement, but you can use it for your site traffic analysis.

Ahrefs: Ultimate website traffic Checker

Ahrefs webmaster tool is a paid all-in-one SEO tool that provides detailed information about website traffic, backlinks, keyword rankings, bounce rate, number of visitors, etc.

With the help of the Ahrefs webmaster tool, businesses and bloggers can track their website’s performance, analyze competitors, and identify opportunities to improve their blog search engine rankings.

Backlink analysis of Ahrefs makes it the first preference of bloggers to monitor their backlink profiles and identify opportunities to build high-quality links.

Apart from backlink and competitor analysis, keyword research analysis makes this tool highly trustworthy for identifying high-potential keywords, analyzing search volumes, and tracking keyword rankings.


UberSuggest is also an SEO tool available in free and paid versions and developed by Nail Patel.

With the help of the UberSuggest tool, a blogger or business owner can analyze website traffic, performance, Site audit, backlinks, and keyword rankings, identify areas for improvement, and more.

A free version of UberSuggest allows a user to analyze only three websites within 24 hours only, but with the paid version, there is no limitation.

With a user-friendly interface, UberSuggest is the perfect website traffic estimated tool at a cheap price.

UberSuggest provides fewer features and accuracy as compared to other SEO tools like SEMrush, and Ahrefs and also analyzes limited backlinks.


In our list of website traffic estimator tool, Serpstat come on the number last.

Serpstat is similar to the other paid SEO tool that provides insights into website traffic, backlinks, keyword rankings, Competitor analysis, and more.

With Serpstat, bloggers or business owners can analyze their website’s performance, identify areas for improvement, and track their progress over time.

Serpstat, with its user-friendly interface, best suitable SEO tool for limited experience in digital marketing.

This estimated tool does not perform well with smaller websites with low traffic volumes and is more costly than the other paid SEO tool.


After reading this article on “best website traffic estimator tool”, you must have definitely gotten a basic idea of these tools. On the basis of this information, you must select the best site estimator SEO tool according to your requirement.

Most of the website traffic estimator tools are available in free and paid versions with cost on a monthly or yearly basis. Aside from that, the majority of these tools also have a free Chrome extension.

If you have any questions related to the website traffic estimator tool, please leave a comment below.

Thank you!

FAQ about Best Website Traffic Estimator Tools

What exactly are website traffic estimators?

Website traffic estimator tools are software platforms that give statistics and insights on website traffic, such as the number of visitors, traffic sources, and other relevant metrics, to companies.

What are the benefits of using website traffic estimate tools?

A website estimating tool analyzes website traffic, identifying areas for development and tracking their success over time. They also assist website owners in better understanding their target demographic and tailoring their marketing strategy appropriately.

What are the primary characteristics of website traffic estimation tools?

Keyword research, backlink analysis, site audit, competition analysis, and other capabilities are available in website traffic estimate tools.

What are the best SEO tools?

SEMrush, Ahrefs, SimilarWeb, Serpstat, and UberSuggest are some of the top website traffic estimation tools.

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