5 Website Traffic Estimator Tools To See Any Site’s Traffic

Today we will know through this post that how many people visit every month on any website or blog. If you say this in simple language, then you will know how much traffic comes to a website or blog every month. In this, a website traffic estimator can help you a lot.

If you are new in the field of blogging or online business then this post can prove to be very beneficial for you. We will not tell you about one or two but five ways, with the help of which you can know the traffic of your blog. Now you must be thinking that why do we check the traffic of the blog or website. So the answer is that you check the popularity of your blog by checking the traffic of your blog.

Friends, today’s era is the era of competition, here it becomes very important that we always keep an eye on our competitor’s website. Because unless you compare your website with your competitor’s website, then how will you know what else you have to do to get success. You can create a strategy by tracking the ranking of the website or blog. By working with a good strategy, all the posts in your blog can rank in search engines very quickly.

Let us tell you about how we can check the traffic of any website. After which you can easily check the traffic of your blog or any of your competitor’s websites. Along with this, we will also tell you about what is blog traffic and why traffic is important on the website.

What is a blog traffic?

A blogger works very hard to write a post for his blog. For this, he first does deep research on that topic so that he can provide a good experience to his user. If after working so hard, he does not even know how much traffic is coming to his blog, then all the hard work is in vain.

The number of daily visitors to any website is called the web traffic of that website. However, the page view of the website may be different from the traffic of the website.
Let us explain this with the help of an example.

Suppose 1000 people visit any website every day. But every single visitor visits an average of 2 pages. So the traffic coming to that website is 1000 but page views will be 2000.

Total page views = traffic per day x average page views per visitor

The traffic coming to any website directly affects the ranking of that website. Although Google does not rank any website officially, Alexa does. Alexa rank directly depends on the traffic of that website. Due to which the more traffic will come to a website, the better will be its Alexa ranking.

Why analyze website traffic

If you are a new blogger then you would definitely like to see the results of your hard work. After analyzing these results, you can create future strategies for Content writing, Marketing, Backlink building, and Keyword research, etc. for your website or blog.

The main question first comes into mind. what do we get from website traffic analysis?

After analyzing any website or blog, a lot of information is received. We have shown some of them below for you. All this information will be very useful for you to create a new strategy for your blog in the upcoming time.

first of all, you get total traffic coming to that website.

You can analyze what is changing in the trends of the visitor from time to time?

You can check the performance of different pages of the blog and find out how the individual page performs.

Which keywords are getting the most traffic to the website or blog?

You can check the CPC of the keyword and narrow down which keyword is giving you the CPC. This directly affects the income of your blog.

By checking the traffic of the website, you can find out the traffic source coming to the website.

Apart from this, you can find out a lot more. But if you are a beginner blogger then all these points will be very helpful in getting you quick success in the field of blogging.

Best Website Traffic Estimator Tools

1. Google search console

If Google Adsense is the main means of earning money from your website, then Google search console can prove to be a perfect solution for you. The Google search console is a product of Google that is available for free. That is why if your site ranks on Google, then it gives you accurate information. This is a webmaster tool with the help of which you can submit your website or blog to be indexed in the Google search engine.

If you have not yet submitted your website or blog for indexing in Google Search Console, then no page of your website will appear in Google. In today’s time, Google is the largest search engine in the world, due to this you can lose a lot of traffic on your blog or website.

It is very easy to submit a website or blog for indexing in Google Search Console. For this, first, make a sitemap of your website. You can easily create a sitemap for a website or blog with the help of any free tool. And if you use WordPress, then you can use any SEO plugin like Yoast, etc. After this, go to the site of Google Search Console and submit the sitemap of your website for indexing. All your posts will be automatically submitted to the Google search engine.

Google Search Console provides accurate information related to SEO for free about all the posts on your blog. Apart from this, it also tells about SEO-related errors. In today’s time, this is the best tool to estimate the traffic of your website or blog.

2. SEMrush (Best website traffic estimator tool)

3. Similar Web

4. Alexa.com (Best Website Traffic and Rank Checker

5. Google Adwords Display Planner

6. Ahrefs: Ultimate website traffic Checker

7. UberSuggest

8. Serpstat


After reading this entire article, you must have come to know completely how to check website traffic. In this post, we have mostly told about all the best website traffic estimator tools. Some of these tools are available for free and some charge for the service on a monthly or monthly basis. Apart from this, most of these tools have a Chrome extension that you can use for free.

Apart from this, if you have any questions then you can ask through comment. We would be very happy to have your assistance.
Thank you!

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