10+ Best Free Keyword Research Tools 2024

This blog post will provide in-depth information about the “Best Free Keyword Research Tools” that can be used to find trading keywords in blogging.

No one knows the importance of the right keyword research better than a blogger or website owner because the right keyword has the potential to earn millions of dollars.

In today’s time, there are many such bloggers who are earning thousands of dollars only from one single keyword.

The proof of their earning can be seen on their YouTube videos or other social platform.

Now, you can understand the importance of proper keyword research before writing any blog post.

In our opinion, without the well-targeted keyword, well-written content will not rank in search engines which will push back your blog from your competitors.

To become successful in blogging selection of the right keyword research tool becomes the first preference.

But in the current scenario, most of the keyword research tools are highly expensive and cannot be afforded by the new blogger.

But some best keyword tools are available for free use, which provides almost equal quality results as compared to paid tools.

Before jumping to the main topic, first, understand the keyword in detail.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is a word or group of words which provide the main idea about the content.

When a user needs some information from the internet then, they search for it in a search engine by using some words, these words are called keywords.

Why keyword research is essential in blogging

At the present time, the competition in the blogging domain is high as compared to past years because of easy access to the internet.

So, to become successful in blogging, providing good content to readers becomes highly essential.

With this, make sure your good quality content can be reached to its targeted users, which can be only possible by choosing the right keywords.

With the motive of helping you, we selected the best free keyword tool, which will be valuable for you to find the best-targeted keyword for your post.

10 Best Free Keyword Research Tools

There are several free and paid tools available for keyword research, in which paid tools come with some extra features as compared to free tools.

But, you don’t worry!

Free keyword research tools are sufficient for the beginner blogger.

Let’s start!

Google Smart Search (The Best Keyword Research Tool for Free)

Google search is one of the best and most real-time keyword research tools if it could be used properly.

Most beginner bloggers look for the best free keyword research tool but they ignore Google Search, which is the most used search engine in the world.

But you need to be a little smart for using Google Search as keyword research.

let’s simplify it.

When some queries are written in the Google search bar some automatic suggestions are provided by Google.

These suggestions are also new keywords.

If we press one step backspace once before clicking the enter button, the suggestion list changes.

These are the keywords that are asked by users in the Google search.

For detail guidance, check the image given below.

Google results in the suggestion list

After that, scroll down a bit and come to the bottom. Here also, you will see many results in the suggestion.

Google results in the suggestion list blow

By using this method, bloggers can find keyword ideas that are searched by users in real-time.

With the help of all these suggestions, blog post titles and subtitles can be prepared.

Here bloggers can not find the search volume and competition on that particular keyword.

To check all metrics of a particular blogger can use other free keyword research tools, which are explained below.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the free keyword research tool under Google Adwords, which is used for advertisement on Google and its services.

With the help of this tool, advertisers can choose the right keywords to make their ad campaigns more effective.

By making an account by using Gmail ID on Google AdWords anyone can use this tool free of cost.

With a new account on Google Keyword Planner, initially, Google AdWords will ask you to run a campaign, please skip it.

For detailed information, please watch this video (Click Here)

Ubersuggest (the Best Keyword Research Tools for Free)

In the blogging domain, Ubersuggest keyword research tools have a unique place and huge popularity.

It is the fastest-growing keyword research tool available in a free and paid version created by well-known SEO expert Neil Patel.

Here, you can find various important keyword matrices such as search volume, competition, SEO Difficulty, Paid Difficulty Cost per Click amount of that keyword, etc.

Apart from this, the Blog ya website audit facility is also available to know the top page and main keywords of your competitor’s site.

Its free version is sufficient for the new blogger, but to get extra features, switch to the paid version also available.

Answer The Public

I have never seen a great website like Answer the Public in my entire blogging career.

This website is single-handedly capable of removing all kinds of problems related to FAQs in the blog post.

“Answer the Public” is a forum related to questions that are asked by users in various search engines.

Here, you need to enter one single word, and you get all the queries related to this word that have been asked in real-time in Google search.

In our opinion, this website would be the best place for a new blog post topic on trading topic research.


This keyword research tool is highly useful for the blogger who does blogging in their native language.

Here, you can find the best trading keywords for search engines as well as social media in your own language.

At the present time, keywordTool.io is available in both free and paid versions, but for a beginner blogger, the free version is enough.

This free keyword research tool is well-known among the blogging community for finding long-tail keywords also.

KW Finder

As we know, long-tail keywords play a highly crucial role In getting organic traffic on a new blog.

It remains a crucial task for the beginning blogger to find long-tail targeted keywords for the blog post that have high search volume and low SEO difficulty.

Here, the KW Finder Keyword Research Tool comes forward to help beginner bloggers.

KW Finder is a free keyword research tool that provides the search volume and SEO difficulty of any keyword.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money to buy a paid keywords tool, then KW Finder will be the best choice for you.

Soovle (Keyword Everywhere)

Soolve, which is mostly known as Keyword Everywhere, is the best keyword research tool for affiliate marketers.

This keyword research tool offers the best keywords for 12 big platforms like Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube, Yahoo, Bing, and Answer, etc.

Right now, the Soolve Keyword Research Tool comes with Google Chrome and Firefox extensions.

This tool comes in paid and free versions, which provide keyword search matrices such as search volume, competition, etc.

Apart from this, this tool is also suitable for finding long-tail keywords in the native language.

To enjoy all its features, kindly switch from a free to a paid version, where you can get all the features that need a professional blogger.

Word Tracker

The Word Tracker is also a free keyword research tool but a limited search of only 12 keywords per day.

If you want more keyword research in a day, then you must be sifted to its paid version.

Like other keyword research tools, this tool also shows individual keyword metrics such as search volume, keyword difficulties, etc.

Although this could be a great keyword research tool for beginners, its daily search limit pushes it behind other keyword research tools.

Key Search

In our list of best free keyword research tools “Key Search” tool comes at number nine.

With a free version of the Key Search tool, you can analyze only 5 keywords in a day.

If you want to research more keywords than this, then you will have to take a paid subscription to it.

I believe that before taking its paid subscription, you must use its free version.

The next tool in this list of free keyword research tools is Word Tracker. On Word Tracker, you can research only 12 keywords a day. If you want to research more than 12 keywords in a day, then you have to take a paid subscription to it.

This tool also shows you the search volume and competition of keywords for free.

Although this tool is a great option for keyword research, its daily search limit pushes it behind other keyword research tools.

LSI Graph

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords are the best keywords to rank any blog post quickly, as per experts’ opinion.

Now, you must be wondering about LSI Keywords.

LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords are also keywords that are related to any single field.

Let us understand it in simple language.

If you write a post about your bike, then other posts on automobile, engine, rad, and bike type are known as LSI Keywords because they are related to the main blog post.

Search engines easily recognize blog posts that are written on LSI keywords, and this is the most significant advantage of using LSI keywords.

So, in place of using a single keyword repeatedly, why not use the LSI keyword, which protects blog posts from becoming spam in search engines?

At present, Google search gives a lot of precedence in ranking posts that are written by using LSI keywords.

That is why whenever you are writing a new blog post for your blog, it is very important to always use LSI Keywords along with the main keywords.

SEO Scout

To find long tail keywords SEO Scout Keyword Research Tool is the best option for new bloggers.

As you know, ranking short-tail keywords in the search engine is very difficult compared to long-tail keywords for new blogs.

With the help of the SEO Scout Tool, thousands of long-tail keywords can be found for new blog posts, which are easy to rank.

Just putting a single word in the search bar of SEO Scout, thousands of keyword suggestions are generated on which thousands of blog posts can be written.

In fact, this is a very good tool, and you should definitely try it once.

FAQ about Best Keyword Research Tools for Free

What are some of the best free keyword research tools?

Some of the best free keyword research tools are Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Tool, Ubersuggest, and Google Trends etc.

Can a free keyword research tool upgraded to paid?


Can keywords impact the website’s ranking?


Conclusion (Best Keyword Research Tools for Free)

In this article, we have provided the 11 best free keyword research tools” for dinner to professional bloggers.

As we know, keyword research is highly recommended before writing any blog post to get organic traffic from search engines.

These tools have come into our list of top keyword research tools after a hundred hours of research and our 10-year blogging experience.

In our opinion, If you know keyword research very well, then your chances of high earnings from blogging increase.

In the initial time of blogging, always choose long tail keywords that have low competition and high search volume.

This practice definitely helps to rank blog posts in search engines quickly and avoid unnecessary competition.

How did you like this article on top best free keyword research tools, do tell us through the comment.

If you liked this article, then do share it with your friends and family on social media.

Thanking you!

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