15 Ways to Make Income From YouTube Channel 2024

This blog post has gone through the best 15 ways to make income from YouTube at the present time.

In the present scenario, video content is the most consumed content on the internet, and YouTube is the uncrowned king of video content in the world.

YouTube has secured the second position as the largest search engine after Google.

But the real question is, do you use YouTube properly to earn money from it?

As per our analysis, YouTube is the golden place to earn a lot of money if it is utilized properly and in the correct way.

During the research process to find the best 15 ways to make money from YouTube, we can observe most people only know 4 or 5 earning methods from YouTube platforms.

Apart from these, there are several other wonderful methods available to earn money from YouTube legitimately.

But when starting a new YouTube channel, doing continuous research and experiments to know audience behaviors becomes highly necessary to growing a YouTube channel.

This post will help you earn money from your YouTube channel by guiding you about more than 15 ways to earn money from your YouTube channel.

No doubt, many of the methods have been used personally by many YouTubers, and by using them, they earn a good amount of money on a monthly basis.

Let’s start!

15 Ways to Make Income From YouTube Channel

YouTube Monetisation

The first and most popular way to earn money from YouTube is through YouTube ads.

When someone is watching a video on YouTube, and ads appear between video streaming, then the video owner earns money.

This earning amount is distributed between video owners and the YouTube platform in a ratio of 55 and 45.

But the most important thing is that to earn money from videos through YouTube platforms, the creator channel to be monetized becomes first priority.

At the present time, there are several criteria to clear the eligibility of any YouTube channel to monetize.

A YouTube channel with a minimum of 500 subscribers must have at least 3 videos uploaded in the last 90 days and 3000 hours of public watch time or 3 million Public Shorts watch time to monetize.

Apart from this, a YouTube channel is eligible to monetize if it has 1000 subscribers with 4000 public hours watch time or 10 million public short watch time.

If any YouTube channel fulfills one of the above conditions, then YouTube ad monetization starts on that channel, and earnings can be started from this channel.

However, in comparison to a government job with a yearly income from any YouTube channel, it could be high or low, which depends on the hard work of the creator.

As per the present scenario, the income of government employee could be less but provide a guarantee of getting a salary every month, which make daily life comfortable.

In the same way, YouTube’s earnings are also guaranteed, i.e., if monetization is found on the YouTube channel, then earnings will start.

After YouTube channel monetization, no need to put any effort into putting ads on videos, you just click on the monetization options.

Many people believe the rumors that the higher the subscriber numbers, the higher the earnings, but this is completely wrong.

YouTube ads income completely depends on the number of views on videos, not the subscriber’s numbers.

Affiliate Marketing

Earn money by using affiliate marketing through YouTube is quite popular in present times.

Millions of companies, such as Amazon, Clickbank, Walmart, etc., around the world, provide easy opportunities to Youtubers for affiliate marketing. 

To become affiliates of these companies, YouTubers need to join their affiliate program, which is available free of cost.

By joining their affiliate program, YouTubers can easily promote company products and services through their channel.

For promoting any products or services through YouTube channels, there are several ways available, which are

  • Products or services review
  • Installation guide
  • Use tutorials 
  • Error and solution, etc

For earning from affiliate marketing by using YouTube channels, affiliate links are put into the video description section.

When someone wants to buy products recommended by you, you get a good commission on every successful purchase from the company.

You will definitely be surprised to know affiliate marketing is more profitable than YouTube ads.

However, the basic requirement to earn more through a YouTube channel like good channel authority, audience trust, etc.

If you recommend products or services related to the channel niche, then chances for high conversion increase because of the concentric audience.

And in last, If you work on a profitable niche, then there are more affiliate offers in the market, but in general Niche, such as Entertainment, Music, News, or Motivation, there are fewer affiliate offers available.

So, before too late, enhance your YouTube earnings by adding extra affiliate earnings to them.

Selling Own Products

Selling products and services through YouTube channels is another best way to earn money by using YouTube channels in 2024.

Most of the popular YouTubers adopted this way to earn money in the current time, and they succeeded.

Merchandise facilities are available free of cost on Youtube Dashboard, where you can sell your products and services.

This facility is more profitable when you have a good amount of subscription base and excellent channel engagement.

Through this facility, you can see digital marketing courses, education courses, exercise products, clothing, stock market products, physical product software training and tools, etc.

As per our analysis, this method is highly profitable because all profits will be yours, but your product should be very useful for your audience.


Another very common way to earn money from a YouTube channel is sponsorship.

In this digital era, there is no shortage of sponsorship, but you have a good amount of YouTube channel subscribers with acceptable video engagements.

For getting large amounts of sponsorship, always add a business email in your channel about section and, if possible, also provide contact details.

YouTubers also make contact with the ads agency to get sponsorship as per the channel niche.

But your earnings from YouTube channel sponsorship will mainly depend on how much you want to earn and your hard work in making audience-friendly content.

Blogging with Vlogging

Blog with YouTube vloging is more profitable for those who are working in niches such as Healthcare, Finance, Travel Life, Books, Food, Painting, How-to, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Music Car, Personal Development, etc.

With less effort, convert a video into text and post it on your blog, which explores an extra income source for you.

If you are not familiar with popular languages such as English, Spanish, etc, then write your blog post in your own language.

Trust me, you got a big surprise that blog earnings will be higher as compared to YouTube earnings with the same amount of viewers.

This blog will also provide an opportunity to earn from affiliate marketing because you pass the first requirement of a blog, which is content writing.

With a little focus on the blog SEO, traffic will come to your blog through search engines as well as the YouTube Channel.

If you don’t have a blog now, we are here to help you with a small amount of fee; you need to contact us.

Selling membership

At the current time, YouTube offers various monetization options to its content creators, membership is one of them.

Selling membership four exclusive content is another method to enhance monthly income apart from Google Ads and Sponsorship.

Levels of membership can be categorized as per the need where created offers different things such as images, wedges, own merchandise, etc.

Apart from this, it would be the best option to connect with your premium subscribers through supper chat.

If this option became available on your YouTube channel, then your videos would be served in the YouTube Premium platform and its revenue would be shared with you.

To check the enable criteria of this option, please visit your channel dashboard.

YouTube With Social Media

There are thousands of YouTubers who had 100 to 200 followers on different social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in few months ago.

But when their YouTube channel started growing, then their followers on these platforms also started increasing in large numbers.

As you know, social media platforms are also more powerful tools to generate business, stabilize brands, and earn money.

A YouTube content creator can also make money by regularly and consistently posting content on social media platforms.

At the present time, there are many YouTubers with a large number of social media followers promoting their YouTube content on Instagram, Facebook, etc, and earning a lot of money every month.

Collaboration with other YouTubers

This is another way to make money from a YouTube channel if you have a good amount of viewership.

As you know, when an individual YouTuber needs marketing exposure, they approach many influencers Youtubers for collaboration.

If You have a successful YouTube channel, then you can charge for other channel promotions.

At the present time, many new YouTubers usually use Google Adwords to promote their channels which is highly expensive and not providing expected results.

This is a great opportunity for you if you are able to catch it at a low cost in your niche.


It is a good platform for the artist and craters to monetize their premium content.

In this, not only YouTubers but Musicians, Visual Artists, Journalists, Gaming Craters, etc., can monetize their exclusive content very well and make money separately.


If any YouTubers are not interested in showing ads on their video, then receiving donations would be a great way to monetize their content on YouTube.

At the current time, websites like Wikipedia earn billions of dollars through donations.

Apart from this, you can observe many popular YouTubers request donations on their channels.

To collect donations from subscribers, websites like KoFi.com and flatter.com have been very helpful.

So, any YouTubers who have new or unique project ideas but do not have sufficient money can use this donation method.

Manage other YouTube Accounts

This is the 11th way to make money from YouTube, where new YouTubers hire other people or agencies to manage their social media or YouTube channel.

It could be the best way to earn good money from YouTube, who have extra time to manage other YouTube channels.

Some YouTube video-related services such as video editing, uploading it with proper titles, descriptions, tags, etc., and growing their channel can be offered.

In our opinion, there is a high demand for this work due to the lack of experience in most of the new YouTubers at the current time, and chances of making money are also high.

Selling YouTube Channel

Just like selling websites or blogs, selling a YouTube channel could be the best way to make money from YouTube.

There are many such websites like Fanswep, PlayerUp, Trustiu, aces Market, etc., which are deeply working on buying and selling YouTube channels.

The market value of any YouTube channel can be calculated on the basis of its Niche, subscribers, total views, number of videos uploaded, etc.

Writing Subtitles for YouTube

YouTube has global access and is watched in different languages, so video subtitles have become highly essential.

As per the analysts, a YouTube video that has subtitles has a higher reach as compared to a video without subtitles.

The main reason behind it firstly is improvement in SEO, and secondly, its easy accessibility to deaf people.

Apart from this, millions of people who like to watch videos on zero volume can understand your videos through subtitles.

In the current scenario, a lot of demand has increased to add subtitles to YouTube videos in local to international languages.

If You are interested in earning money without making any videos, just grab this opportunity and start making money by writing subtitles for the other videos.


During the video capturing from mobile or camera, some funny clips are captured which have the potential to be viral on social media.

If you are new in this domain, then you can’t make these clips viral, but you can make money from them.

There are a lot of companies, such as JunkMedia, VideosElefents, Licet Studios, ViralHog, or United, etc that provide such platforms where you can upload these clips with a proper license.

When someone uses your clips, you will receive money in the form of a license fee.

YouTube Consultants

This is the last way to make money from YouTube on our list.

With time, competition to start a new YouTube channel has increased and creaters have faced high difficulties in growing their channel.

If you have good experience in “how to grow a YouTube channel,” you can start a consultancy service at a low price.

Through consultancy, you can offer several services, such as:

  • How to suit videos
  • How to write titles, tags, and descriptions,
  • Which day and time are good for publishing videos,
  • How to use YouTube short videos?
  • How to engage your audience?
  • How to see and understand analytics? etc.

Apart from these, you can also offer other services, such as phone or video calling help, etc, at low prices.


In this post, we have provided 15 different ways to earn money from YouTube which are high levels of demand at the current time.

To make this blog post highly useful, we did thousands of hours of research on the internet and talked to specialists in this domain.

If you are interested in making money from YouTube can choose one or many methods mentioned above.

If you know any other method that may be used to make money from YouTube, please write us in the comment section.

It would be helpful for our readers.

Thanking You!

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