How to Remove Bad Backlinks [Complete Guide]

Welcome to another knowledgeable SEO blog post on “How to Remove Bad Backlinks,” where a detailed guide has been provided on the bad backlink removal process.

In the current scenario, with a high impact on blog ranking as well as SEO, Backlinks play a crucial role.

Not all backlinks have the same impact on blog ranking, some of them become highly toxic and can harm the site’s reputation till to penalties from search engines like Google.

Through this article, we are going to explain step by step how to identify these bad backlinks of blogs and the appropriate process to remove them.

By following the simple tips which are mentioned in disavowing these harmful links, perfect cleaning of them is possible from the site.

This appropriate action will definetly improve the website’s SEO as well as search ranking.

So let’s dive in and learn how to remove bad backlinks for good!

How to Remove Bad Backlinks

Removal of bad backlinks is a more complicated, time-consuming as well as challenging task, than making quality backlinks for blogs.

But it becomes essential to maintain the website healthy as per the search engine ranking parameters.

For the removal of bad backlinks, follow these steps:

Identify bad backlinks

Before removing the bad backlinks, identifying them by using different tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, or Google Search Console is essential.

These professional SEO tools are highly capable of analyzing blog or site backlink profiles and also identifying links that are low-quality or irrelevant to the website’s content.

Contact Webmasters

After identifying the bad backlink, contact the webmaster or owner of the linking website for the removal of that link by using the appropriate communication medium like email, contact form, etc.

Use the disavow tool.

If a proper contact does not create with the bad backlink website owner regarding its removal, then in the next step, use Google’s Disavow tool.

This is the free tool by Google that allows website owners to exclude particular backlinks from their blog backlink profiles from Google searches.

Google Disavow page

Monitor your backlink profile.

Regularly monitoring of site backlink profile is highly essential to keep the blog from being attacked by new bad backlinks.

For monitoring purposes, bloggers or site owners can use the professional tools mentioned above, some of them are available in paid versions as well as in free versions also.

As per most SEO experts’ opinions, after analyzing bad backlinks, it’s highly necessary to remove them to make a better search engine rank.

Remember, it’s important to regularly monitor your backlink profile to maintain a healthy website and avoid penalties from search engines.

How To Find & Remove Bad Backlinks Using Ahref

Follow this video:

VC: @MatthewWoodward

How to Remove Bad Backlinks Using SEMRush

Follow the following video

VC: @shoutmeloudYT

FAQ about How to Remove Bad Backlinks

What are bad backlinks?

Backlinks provided by any low-quality or spammy websites are known as bad backlinks or toxic backlinks. These backlinks are very harmful to the blog and also down the search engine ranking of the blog.

Why do I need to remove bad backlinks?

Removing bad backlinks is important for maintaining a healthy website and improving search engine ranking. A blog with too many bad backlinks should be penalties by search engines like Google and harm your website’s reputation.

How can I identify bad backlinks?

For identifying bad backlinks, various professional tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, or Google Search Console can be used.

How can I remove bad backlinks?

Follow the step which is explained above.

Can bad backlinks be beneficial for my website?

No, bad backlinks are not beneficial for any website. They can harm your website’s reputation and search engine ranking also.

Conclusion: How to Remove Bad Backlinks

Getting rid of bad backlinks is a key part of keeping a website healthy for improving its search engine ranking.

Identifying them by using professional SEO tools and then removing them will definetly take some time. But this practice on a regular basis will surely improve the site’s ranking, credibility, and authority in the search engine for a long time.

To remove bad backlinks, bloggers can follow the step which was already explained above.

As per our recommendation, to maintain a healthy backlink profile over a long period, always create high-quality content as well as a high-quality, relevant backlink.

If you’re not so familiar with SEO regarding bad backlink removal, consider hiring a professional to help.

Thanking You!

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