Top 16 Best Paying Micro Job sites To Make Money Online

Making money online by doing some tasks is the best source of earning.

Most people search several times during the day for how to make money online.

In this blog post, we are providing an in-depth full guide on how to make money by doing online micro-jobs. Apart from this, we also mention the top and reputated websites where these online micro jobs you can find.

By using all these top Best Paying Micro Job Sites, anyone could be earning good money with less effort and time.

What are micro job sites?

Micro job sites are the marketplace for freelancers and employers where they get to interact.

These sites mainly work as job sites without any posting where freelancers get micro-task posts, and after completion of these tasks, freelancers get paid.

There are different types of subtle tasks available, like counting items on a shopping list, creating or editing videos, calculating total bill amounts, blogging, making logo decisions, etc.

What is the main problem faced on the Micro job site?

The value of individual tasks performed by any freelancer is very lower, this is the main problem on these sites.

That’s why to earn a significant amount of money, most people are involved in multiple tasks.

If you want to make a good extra income by utilizing your free time, you must join these sites.

We personally know many such people who earn a good extra income by doing small tasks on micro job sites and making good use of their free time.

Presently, there are many reputated apps, websites, and companies available on the internet which offers micro-jobs on their platform with lots of flexibility and no commitment.

Let’s discuss it one by one!

Top 7 Micro Jobs Website To Make Money Online

Let’s discuss one by one on individual platforms:

Fiverr: Best Paying Micro Job Sites

Fiverr is a global online marketplace for freelancers that provides micro-jobs to its users at a minimum cost of $5.

This marketplace was started by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger in 2010 in Israel. In the early days, Fiverr used to provide tasks and services to its users for 5 dollars, on this basis, this site is name Fiverr by its founder.

Fiverr is heavily used by most freelancers worldwide to offer services to clients, and this site is known for being the best-paying micro job site in the world.

For a digital marketer, Fiverr is the best place to generate good income by using your skills.

Many services like social media management, graphics design, video, and animation, Content writing, advertising, building construction, blog commenting, logo design, business cards, SEO, copywriting, etc., are offered for the client on the Fiverr platform.

To get a micro job on the Fiverr platform, search by name on Fiverr, and a lot of related work comes instantly.

This platform is useful for a freelancer as well as a company or job provider.

If you have any skills, then definetly create your professional profile and make GIG according to the services which are offered to your clients.

At the starting level on Fiverr, there would be some delay in getting your first job, but after completing this, your profile is going to be rated on the basis of the customer’s rating.

At Fiverr, there are three types of freelancers available name is 1st-level, 2nd-level, and top-rated sellers, according to their level of skills.

Here, once any freelancer reaches an excellent level, then definetly a lot of sales come on their services.

In today’s time, if you are a beginner and optimistic enough to become a professional, then you must use a platform like Fiverr.


UpWork is also a popular freelance platform, just like Fiverr.

This marketplace brings together a database of millions of freelance professionals with the best-paying micro jobs from around the world.

The Upwork platform helps independent freelancers find work according to their skills on a global platform.

With an easy and great platform interface, Upwork helps various companies or individuals to find talented freelancers.

At this present, approximately 9 million registered users and 4 million subscribers are using this platform.

Some freelancer thinks UpWork is the best micro job provider platform to find high-quality work.

Upwork charges their users up to 3-15% of the finished project cost after successful completion as commission. And most importantly, this commission fee value depends on the type of work done.

Upwork adopts this process to make its users saved from any kind of fraud or scam and also provides approximately 3 million jobs annually.

People Per Hour

People Per Hour is known as the best platform to hire highly professional people for their work.

As a classic website, this platform facilitates freelancer gets paid on an hourly basis for work according to their skill.

Apart from this, a higher payment demand also be considered as per their skill.

The biggest drawback of the site is that far too many work locations don’t specify when the job is specific.

Currently, the PeoplePerHour website charges a 10-15% commission rate from its users for using their platform.

The growth of the freelancing culture in India has been witnessed the most in recent years when the cheapest internet plan in India was launched by Jio in 2016.

After this era, the cost of internet use is the cheapest in India compared to the developed countries.

This easy-to-access internet for common people exponentially increases the culture of working from home as a freelancer to earn a decent income.

If a few years back, conditions are an analysis for finding a good freelancer, it is highly difficult. For this, many advertisements in newspapers or TV had to be published to get the right person.

This platform has brought a revolution in the field of freelancing in a country like India.

Maximum work categories are listed on this wonderful platform for job seekers as well as job providers and can be found in the form of a post.

When anyone wants to hire any freelancer, they just post an advertisement in the form of a post. After this, hundreds of freelancers will put bits on that work.

Among all these freelancers, you can choose your work according to their skills and past work feedback. is one of the few freelancing platforms that basically work as a whole community of freelancers and clients.

Presently, this is one of the best-paying micro job sites in the Indian continental.


SEOClerks is also a freelancing website like Fiverr Marketplace in the website-related niche. In this platform, buyers and sellers are invited to purchase services or products for between $1-1,000.

To provide the best service, a commission of up to 20% on every gig you sell would be charged by SEOClerks Marketplace.

In SEOClerks Marketplace, A freelance can only offer services related to article writing, link building, logo designing, website design and development, article read-proofing, blog commenting, social media, etc.


Zeerk is a global website where freelancing services can be bought and sold from $2 to $100.

It stands out as one of the best-paying micro job sites because it offers translation in almost all major languages. Because of this, foreign companies and workers use this site to offer services that fit their needs.

This micro job site is specially designed for online marketing, SEO, writing, design, programming, etc. Zeerk has an Android app on the google play store is a big part of how well this tool can be used.


Truelancer is an Indian platform for freelancers. These platforms keep their user money as a safe deposit and do not pay freelancers until the work is completed and approved.

The platform charges a marketplace fee of around 8-10% from its users. Along with this, this platform also allows the freelancer to withdraw money from his bank accounts faster than other marketplaces.

This is a great platform for Indian beginners in freelancing. Here you get services like data entry, graphics designing, virtual assistant, customer services, etc. All these facilities are used by designers, bloggers, writers, app developers, SEO experts, etc., to the users.

What is the main requirement to do a micro job?

If anyone wants to do micro job work in a professional way on these websites, then some essential thing is mandataries.

  • Computer or Laptop (Required)
  • A Good Internet Connection (Required)
  • Office Setup (Optional)

All these things mentioned above are definetly required for work online.

Apart from these, it is highly recommended to make a good and professional profile on micro job sites which reflects your work and skills.

Conclusion: Best Paying Micro Job Sites

Through this post, we have explained in depth the 16 best online micro job sites where anybody with any skills can earn a good amount of money in their free time.

A micro job is a temporary way to make money by using different types of freelance platforms.

At present, there are several types of micro tasks available on these micro job sites, such as blog writing, virtual assistant, video editing, logo design, app or website design, etc.

In our study, websites like PeoplePerHour, Freelancer, and Fiverr are one of the best and most reputated options for finding micro-jobs.

To sell your service on these platforms, need to create a gig (post) according to the skill you know. In any client is interested in your work, then they will make an order for your service through GIG you created.

As per our recommendation, during the creation of GIG on these platforms, definetly mention all the requirements with essential information.

This type of practice will increase the sale, and chances are increased to get more orders.

At the present time, there are many peoples who can earn more than a government job from these micro job sites.

If the information available in this blog post proved helpful for you, provide a 5-star rating to appreciate our hard work.

For any query related to “best paying micro job sites,” use the comment section of this post, we will answer it.

Thanking you!

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