15 ways of income from the YouTube channel 2022

15 ways of income from the YouTube channel. The video is the most used contact in the coming time. YouTube is the uncrowned king of the video contact world. Because YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Do you use YouTube correctly? Do you know that you can earn a lot of money from YouTube? You know that if you use YouTube properly, you can earn very well on YouTube.

Most people in the world know about 4 or 5 earning methods from YouTube, but there are many ways to earn from YouTube. Whenever you start a new YouTube channel, do experiments and research on it. After all, by doing all this work, your knowledge increases, and you get experience in that field. If you search on the internet that Ways to Earn Money from YouTube, then you will get only 4 or 5 ways to earn money from YouTube. But I will share with you through this post not four or five ways but the entire 15 ways of income from the YouTube channel. Many of these methods have been used personally by many people and have also generated a good income.

Ways to earn money from YouTube Channel

YouTube Monetisation

The most popular way of earning from YouTube is through YouTube ads. Anyone who watches videos on YouTube must know the YouTube ad. So if you have a YouTube channel and you want to monetize your videos, then you can play YouTube eds in your videos. It is very important for your channel to be eligible to run ads in YouTube videos. For this, your channel should have 1000 subscribers and a total of 4000 hours of watch time.

You can compare the earnings of a YouTube channel in 1 year with a government job. As there is less money in government jobs, there is a guarantee of getting money every month. And life is very comforting. In the same way, YouTube’s earnings are low but guaranteed. Meaning if monetization is found on YouTube, then there must be some earnings. And you do not have to put your mind at all to showing ads on your videos. All you have to do is click on the option of monetization.

Many people believe that the more subscribers there are, the more earnings will be there, but this is not the case at all. While the truth is that there is no earning on the number of subscribers. Your earning depends entirely on the views, but how much will the number of views that will come depend on what is the niche of your channel? How many ads do you get in your videos? What is the language of the video, and which country’s audience is watching your video, etc.?

Affiliate Marketing

This method is going to be very popular on YouTube. There are thousands of companies all over the world that gives you an opportunity for affiliate marketing. For example, take the affiliate program of Amazon and Flipkart. For this, by becoming an affiliate of any company, you have to promote the products of that company from your YouTube channel. In this, you can give a review of any product and put the affiliate link of that product in the description of your video. If anyone clicks on this link and purchases that product, then you will get a good commission on every purchase.

Surprising to know you, affiliate marketing is much more profitable than YouTube ads. But earning from affiliate marketing is not as easy. For this, firstly, your channel should have good authority, and secondly, your audience should trust you. On this channel, you should recommend such a product that is related to your niche and which is helpful for your audience. If you work on a profitable niche, then you can get a lot of affiliate offers. But if you work in a General Niche such as Entertainment, Music, News, or Motivation, you will neither get more affiliate offers nor more conversions.

Selling Own Products

This is also a very popular way to make income from your YouTube channel. You must have seen many Youtubers; their products are seen below their videos. You can also sell your products. When there are good subscriptions on your channel, and your channel has a good engagement, then you can sell your products through this channel. If you have an Existing Product, then you can sell it, and if not, you can create such as Digital Marketing Course, Education Course, Exercise Product, Stock Market Products, or any physical products, software, training or tools, etc. . This method is highly profitable because all of your profits will be yours. But your product should be very useful.

Sponsorship to earn money from YouTube

This is the fourth way of income from the YouTube channel. Nowadays, there is no shortage of sponsorship just; your YouTube channel should have more than 1000 subscribers, and there should be some engagement on the channel. You will start getting lots of sponsorship. For this, you have to write the email address in the About section of your channel and, if possible, add mobile also. For this, you can also contact an ad agency. But here comes how much you want to earn from sponsorship and how much sponsorship you should take in a month. There are a lot of factors for this to decide how much you charge for a sponsored video. But it depends very much on your negotiation skill.

YouTube to Blogging

If you work in a good Niche like Healthcare, Finance, Travel Life, Books, Food, Painting, How to, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Music Car, Personal Developments, etc., then you can make a good blog by converting your videos to text Can. With this, you can do extra earnings from your blog. If you have problems writing in English, then you can write a blog in another language also. You will be surprised to know that the earnings of a blog are more than the earnings of a YouTube channel when it has 1000 views. Here too, you can do earning by putting affiliate links on your blog. As you know, the first requirement of blogging is to write content on it, and this problem is solved by your video content itself. All you have to do here is focus on SEO to generate traffic to your site. And if you do not have a YouTube channel, you can still do blogging.

Selling membership

YouTube gives you many options to monetize your channel apart from YouTube ads. By using these methods, you can further increase the earnings of your channel. Like you can design and sell your merchandise. You can offer first-level or multiple-level membership on your channel. In exchange for this membership, you can offer different things to your members, such as wedges and images. This is a continuous income option in which your members pay you every month. You can also sell super chats or stickers to connect to your subscribers. Apart from this, YouTube also shares the revenue of its premium members with you if your contact also watches the premium members of YouTube. To activate all these options, your channel needs to be eligible, and you can see the criterion of each one here.

Make money With Social platform

Do you know that there are thousands of YouTubers who had 100 or 200 followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. till a few days ago, but today their YouTube channel has increased a lot of followers on these social platforms? Like YouTube, all other social platforms are more powerful in generating business, stabilizing brands, and earning money. If you have a YouTube channel, then you can use it well to increase followers on your Instagram and other social platforms. If you share regular posts on those social platforms, then your subscribers and followers can grow even faster. So you can make good earnings with this social platform too. There are many YouTubers who have a lot of followers on social media. You can analyze many YouTube channels and how these people promote their Instagram or other social accounts. With the help of other such social platforms, how do you engage your audience on your YouTube channel?

Promote other channels best way to earn from YouTube

This is also the right way to earn from YouTube if you use it in a good way. Just as a company needs a promoter and those people approach YouTubers, similarly, many new YouTubers need exposure. And for this, these people can also pay you. People usually use Google Adwords to promote their channels. It is highly expensive, and this paid promotion does not give even that good result if your budget is less. Very few YouTubers do pay to collaborate to promote another channel. This is the right way to make a good income if you use it smartly.


Patreon is a very good platform for an artist and craters to monetize their premium content. In this, not only YouTubers, Musicians, Visual Artists, Journalists, Gaming Craters, etc., you can monetize exclusive content very well. This is the best way to earn income from YouTube channels.


If you want to give ad-free content to your subscribers and do not even take sponsorship and you do not want to promote affiliate products too, then this method may be best for you to earn from the YouTube channel. Using this method, websites like Wikipedia earn billions of dollars through donations. There are many YouTubers who request donations on their channels. And this is the only source of income from YouTube channels. There are many similar websites like KoFi.com and flatter.com, which can help you a lot to get a donation. In the same way, if you have a unique idea or some different project that you want to work on, but you do not have funds, then you can use YouTube as a fundraising platform. Do not worry if your content is good, then people in your country can also support you.

Manage other YouTube Accounts

This is the 11th way to earn money from YouTube channels. The way many people hire other agencies to do social media marketing for their business; likewise, many people hire third parties to manage their YouTube channels. If you have extra time to manage other YouTube channels or you have a team, then you can help such people and make a good income. You have to edit their videos, upload them, write titles, descriptions, tags, etc. and grow their channel. Its demand is going to increase a lot in the coming time. Because everyone wants their own channel on YouTube but lacks experience and time.

Earn money by Selling your Channel

Just like people sell their websites, you can also sell your YouTube channel. You can find the value of the channel through your subscribers, total views, how many videos you have uploaded, etc. There are many such websites where you can sell your channel. Some of them are Fanswep, PlayerUp, Trustiu, aces Market, etc. This website can help you in selling your channel.

Writing Subtitles for YouTube

Do you know that by subtitling the video on YouTube, the performance of the video increases a lot? It has three advantages, first is that SEO is highly improvised due to adding more words, and secondly, people who have problems listening but can see videos, such people can see your videos. And third is that millions of people who like to watch videos on zero volume can understand your videos through subtitles. You already know that the English language is a universal language, and people who do not understand your language can see your videos. There is going to be a lot of demand for caption writers in the coming time. You can approach such YouTubers who have a lot of subscribers, and their videos are seen at the international level. You can charge them for videos or the number of words on the channel.


Many times it happens that when you make videos, then something is captured in the camera that is funny or something which is different, and all the ingredients are viral. But you do not know how to use this video or if your channel does not have the authority to make the video viral, then in such a case, you can license your video to another company. There are dozens of companies where you can submit your video, and you can make income from your video. There are many such companies like JunkMedia, VideosElefents, Licet Studios, ViralHog or United, etc. You can check on these websites how much and how you can earn from this type of premium and viral video.

YouTube Consultants

This is the last way on our list to earn money from the YouTube channel. In today’s time, there is a lot of competition for new YouTubers. Starting your channel on YouTube and growing it is very difficult today. If you have good subscribers on your channel and you have a good YouTube experience, then you can give consultancy to new YouTubers. You can give them proper guidance on how to suit videos, how to write titles, tags, and descriptions, which day and time are good for publishing videos, and how to use stories and YouTube short videos? How to engage your audience? How to see and understand analytics? There are many things that can be helpful in growing a YouTuber. You can guide them by charging some price on the phone or with the help of video calling.


In this post, we give you 15 different ways to earn money from YouTube channels. How did you feel our post must tell us through comments. We have told you many ways by which you can earn from your YouTube channel. How many of these methods do you use? Please tell us through comments. Thank you

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