51 Most Profitable Small Business Ideas in India for 2022

In today’s time, everyone wants to be their own boss. Every person dreams of starting their own business. However, most new entrepreneurs’ dreams are submerged by a lack of investment or profitable business ideas.

Do you know that companies like Google, Apple Facebook, etc. have started from a small garage? If you have some special skills, you can definitely start your own small business even with little investment. While there are some small business ideas that you can also operate from your home, for this you will not need to hire a big office.

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Small business ideas

Financing small business

You must have generally seen that whenever you start a small business, first of all, start with whatever small capital you have in it. Nowadays, loans are also given by community organizations and cooperative credit societies on very easy terms. The government of India is also helping you with the scheme of various organizations to start your startup. The government of India has many schemes like startup India, standup India, you can get a loan for your small business idea through Mudra Yojana.

Success Plan:
If your plan is completely untouched, then your business will also be successful. Therefore, plan your business well before you launch your business. You decide by yourself whether you will do the product or want to go into the business of the service. Whatever you want to do business, it is very important for you to have complete knowledge of the market. You should know what problem can happen in your business later. For this, you can talk to those people who can already work in this area. The most important thing you should know is who your customers are. Most of this information will be easily available on the internet.

51 new and best small business ideas for 2022

Once you have done all the work mentioned above, then you are almost ready to open your small business with less investment. In this post, we have shared 50 new and creative small business ideas for you with low investment that you can start in 2022 and make a good profit.


Whenever we need any information, we immediately go to Google and search for it. In which many websites open before us. We get knowledge of our need by visiting those websites. These websites are owned by the company or by some person. Helping people by writing similar posts on the internet is called blogging. You can start this business idea with less than Rs 5000.

You can read our blogging post for how to start your own blog. There are many great ways of how to earn money from a blog. You can read about these methods here.

Thousands of videos will be found on YouTube which will help you in creating your blog. You will be surprised to know that many blogs are earning from 1000 rupees to 3 lakhs in a month.


Dropshipping is the latest business idea not only in India but in the world. In this business, you can start your own e-commerce business but without having to invest a penny and without any product.

The best thing about dropshipping is that you do not need to buy any product unless you get an order from a customer.

How to start dropshipping?

First of all, create an e-commerce website. You can make this with the help of WordPress. After that tie-up with any supplier on AliExpress, IndiaMart, etc. that we can sell your goods if you give us some percentage.
And list those products on your website.
After this, you start promoting your website with the help of social media.
With this, orders will start coming to your website. As soon as the order is received, you should tell the seller’s address to the seller from Aliexpress or Indianmart to deliver the same at this address.

Your profit will be the difference between the supplier price and the selling price.

Digital Marketing

As you know, most of the work in India is being done online today. Everyone wants to make their presence online, whether it is running a store or a person. Every third person in India will definitely have an account on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. All these people want to recognize you to as many people as possible. For this, you can help these people. This is called digital marketing. The marketing that is done on the internet is called digital marketing. It is a trending business in India today and you have unlimited opportunities in digital marketing.

You can start a digital marketing agency, for this you will not need much investment. You can also start this work by becoming a freelance. Can do business. You can also launch your own start-up for digital marketing. Through this, you can also promote products and earn a lot of money.

Before starting a digital marketing business, you need to have complete knowledge of this field. You can also learn how to do digital marketing online or you can join a training center.

It is very difficult to find good digital marketing training institutes in India. There are also people who do not know anything themselves and they are making a lot of money in the name of imparting people training. Avoid such people from us.

Delivery Services

After the 2020 pandemic, most people have preferred to stay at home, keeping their safety a priority, which has led to the growth of online shopping. Today, most people prefer to order goods at home instead of going to the market. You can take advantage of this opportunity. You can provide the service of delivery of goods in the local area for them. If you have any shop, you can take online orders over the phone or WhatsApp. For which you can also charge some commission for different goods.

Mobile phone repair small business idea

The time to come is mobile. There are currently more than 80 million smartphones in India. In addition, this figure is going to increase rapidly, as most mobile brands are entering the Indian market. And every day we are rolling out new mobile models. This means that the demand for individuals offering repair of old mobiles is expected to increase manifold. You know how expensive it is to get the phone repaired after the service time is over. You can trade in mobile phone repairing. Where apart from mobile repair, you can also sell its goods and recharge.

Tiffin Service

Due to industrialization, both husband and wife started working in the house. Due to this, he likes to cook very little at home. Or do not like to eat in the company mess. There are many such students who are preparing for the exam but are not able to eat good food. You can give tiffin service to such people. This is one of the best small business ideas for women. Nowadays, the demand for delivery of food at home and workplace has increased greatly in big cities.

You can start this small business with less investment from your home kitchen. Where you can reach those people by preparing fresh, nutritious food prepared at home and reach their homes or office. This business is very beneficial, and it will never come in the way of relaxation.

Multi-level Marketing

If you have good marketing skills, then you can achieve a lot of success in network marketing or multi-level marketing. In network marketing, you have to sell products from a select few reputable brands. In return for this, you get a good reward in the form of money. There are many companies associated with network marketing business in the market, with the help of which you can start multi-level marketing, or you can set up a network marketing company of your own. For this, you will have to collaborate with some reputed brands.
Through this marketing, you can sell beauty products or Ayurvedic products, which currently have the highest demand as most of the people in the world are shifting towards Ayurvedic products. You can take full advantage of this opportunity. For this, by creating a website, you can also sell the product to your friends or relatives.

Babysitting/ Childcare service

Considering the ever-increasing expenses in an average family, nowadays both husband and wife have started working. Due to which these people are unable to pay proper attention to their children. These people resort to babysitting and childcare to take care of the children at home. If you spend most of your time at home, you can start a babysitter business. It is the best occupation for women. This business does not require much expense to start. For that, all you must have some small children’s toys, mattresses, mats, etc. Even in a medical facility, you can keep disposable diapers, first aid, allergy lotion, etc.

Home Improvement Services

After 2005, 2022 is a year in which the business of real estate has increased. Today’s youth buy their house at the age of 21-25. Due to which the demand for home improvement services has suddenly increased a lot. People who buy new or old houses are not able to decorate that house by themselves. Decorating a house requires skills or expertise. If you are interested in improving the home, then this small business idea may be the best for you. This business has higher profits with less investment.

You can include services such as interior design, carpentry, contracting, plumbing or landscaping, etc., in home improvement services. This type of business can be more popular not only in the city but also in the village areas.

Potable Vehicle repairing

All of us must have seen cars, scooters, and motorbikes deteriorating in the midst of busy roads. Many times even owning a car gets spoiled on the journey. Due to which the owner has to push the vehicle many kilometers. Because the car repair shop is not near that place. You can provide the facility of mobile garages for all the vehicles that deteriorate in this way. If you are interested in fixing a vehicle, then this small business idea would be best for you. You can start this business with a mobile phone, car repair accessories, and a car. To promote your business, you will have to put a small banner in each way. Your mobile number must be written on all these banners.

Others small business ideas

  • Consultant
  • Fishing survives
  • Nursery & garden
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Classical music teacher
  • Online tutoring
  • Pet sitting
  • Medical courier service
  • Kitchen products (Achar, murabba, etc.)
  • Coin collection
  • Fitness trainer
  • Travel services
  • Party services
  • T-shirt printing business
  • Morning/evening tour
  • Antique furniture designer
  • Sell or buy old gadgets
  • Manpower Supplier
  • App Development
  • Video or audio editor
  • Law Firms
  • Weeding Photographer
  • Weeding planer
  • Ranting Cycle or bike
  • Imported products
  • Ice cream corner
  • Birthday, party cake
  • Pet care
  • Business signboard
  • Gift Ideas for different occasions
  • South Indian food corner
  • Air conditioner maintenance
  • Private detective for business
  • Skin and beauty treatment
  • Ayurvedic products
  • Cleaning Services


Through this post, we have told you about 10 small business ideas with very little interest. You can choose any of the business ideas according to your skill.

We will also update this post from time to time. So that you keep getting new information.

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