100 most profitable and best affiliate programs

If you go to search for affiliate marketing on the Internet, you will find thousands of best affiliate programs. Almost every major company in the world runs its own affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing means that you promote a company’s product. In return, that company gives you some part of the price of that product as a commission. There are many people on the internet who are earning millions upon millions due to affiliate marketing, but the question is how do these people earn so much. Let me tell you this is not magic at all.

In the beginning, many people do not know how to start affiliate marketing. how to chose the best company to join its affiliate program. Most of you search the internet on how to become an affiliate marketer. But most do not know where to begin.

In this article, we have told about the 100 most profitable and best affiliate program for you. By joining, you can earn a good commission.

Best Affiliate Programs for Web Hosting

Today’s era is of the internet and social media. Every company or person wants to show their presence online. For this, these companies or individuals make videos on YouTube, create online advertisements or create a blog. If you do all this, then we should try all the programs we have mentioned.

A domain name is like registering your name on the Internet and a hosting is the room where you can keep your file.

Many people want to build their website but initially, they do not get good hosting. Due to which they do not get success in blogging. If you write an affiliate blog about the best hosting and domain, then you can join all the programs given below. All these web hosting websites have their affiliate links in front of them, you will be able to directly access their affiliate program by clicking on them.

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All these web hosting companies offer you a good big commission of cell. And they also have a longer cookie period. This is a profitable way for you to earn money in the form of affiliate hosting.

A domain name is like entering your name on the Internet and hosting is the room where you can keep your file. Many people ask you to do your work in this internet world but initially, they do not get good hosting. This is the main reason that they do not get the success they should have in blogging.

If you write a blog about the best hosting and domains, then we have explained the best web hosting affiliate program in the table below. You can join the affiliate program of any of these companies.
In the next column, we have also mentioned the commission on a sale and the long cookie period. In the next column, the web hosting affiliate URL is also given. You can join them directly by clicking on them. Today it is a profitable way to earn money in the form of affiliate hosting.

Service NameEarningCookie periodsURLGo to Website
Hostinger60% per sale30 dayshttps://www.hostinger.in/Start Now
Bluehost$65 to $130 per sale90 dayshttps://www.bluehost.com/Start Now
Liquid Web$100 to $200 per sale90 dayshttps://www.liquidweb.com/Start Now
HostGator10% to 20% per sale60 dayshttps://www.hostgator.in/Start Now
Cloudways7% per sale90 dayshttps://www.cloudways.com/en/Start Now
GreenGeeks$100 per sale30 dayshttps://www.greengeeks.in/Start Now
GoDaddy15% per sale45 dayshttps://www.godaddy.com/Start Now
BigRockRs.1000 to Rs.1500 per sale60 dayshttps://www.bigrock.in/Start Now
WP Engine$200 per sale180 dayshttps://wpengine.com/Start Now
ContaboBetween 10€ and 150€ Per Sale45 Dayshttps://contabo.com/Start Now
NamecheepUp to 35% Commission30 Dayshttps://www.namecheap.com/Start Now

eCommerce affiliate Programs

Have you ever had trouble finding something you like in the market? In the constantly growing markets, most people do their shopping online only because of the crowds and lack of goods of choice. Whether they want to buy clothes or grocery.

But the same situation is there on the internet, they get the stuff they like, but how is that product, how do they have to do it, is it expensive or not?

You can give these customers good guides about the products. There are many ways to guide such as creating a blog, through social media, etc. It is a golden time to sign up for eCommerce affiliate programs where people shop for thousands every day. You only have to take care to mention the right products correctly because it will add more value to your content.

Nowadays eCommerce website has restricted all the products to the door of your house, the world of eCommerce companies has suddenly seen unprecedented sales especially during the time of the pandemic.

NameEarningCookie periodURLAffiliate URL
Amazon India5-10%24 hourshttps://www.amazon.in/Start Now
Flipkart5-10%24 hourshttps://www.flipkart.com/Start Now
SnapDeal4-8%24 hourshttps://www.snapdeal.com/Start Now
eBay50-70%24 hourshttps://www.ebay.com/Start Now
Shopclues2-8%24 hourshttps://www.shopclues.com/Start Now

Website affiliate programs

Wishing money by building a website is a good way for an affiliate marketer. Nowadays there are many platforms that give you platforms to create websites for free such as Wix and Squarespace platform. On these platforms, you can create your beautiful website without any coding knowledge.

There are many such websites on the internet, which people are not even aware of. You can tell people about these websites by an affiliate. We have given a list of all these programs in the table below. From here you can click on the affiliate URL and directly connect to their affiliate program.

Services NameEarningCookie PeriodsURLAffiliate URL
Wix10-30%30 dayshttps://www.wix.com/Join Now
Hubspotup to $1000 per purchase90 dayshttps://www.hubspot.com/Join Now
Squarespace10-30%45 dayshttps://www.squarespace.com/Join Now
BigCommerce$1,500 per referral90 dayshttps://www.bigcommerce.com/Join Now
Shopify$50- $2000 per purchase30 dayshttps://www.shopify.in/Join Now
Clickmeter90%90 dayshttps://www.clickmeter.com/Join Now
Weebly30%120 dayshttps://www.weebly.com/inJoin Now
ReferralCandy5%90 dayshttps://www.referralcandy.com/Join Now

Credit card and Finance affiliate programs

Credit cards have added a lot of value to the life of people. You can also use a credit card anywhere, such as for shopping, traveling, etc. Most people do not buy a credit card first, but when they buy it, they use it for many years. It is very difficult to convince people to buy a credit card from a certain company. But credit card companies pay a significant commission on your affiliate. Some of the most reliable and popular credit card companies and their affiliate programs for your convenience are mentioned in the table below.

NameEarningCookie PeriodsURLAffiliate URL
State Bank of IndiaRs.960 to Rs.1200 per action45 to 60 dayshttps://www.onlinesbi.com/Join Now
CitibankRs.2000 per four referrals160 Dayshttps://www.online.citibank.co.in/Join Now
Standard CharteredRs.400 per lead30 dayshttps://www.sc.com/Join Now
ICICIRs.160 per lead30 dayshttps://www.icicibank.com/Join Now
Yes BankRs.1000 (Amazon voucher)https://www.yesbank.in/Join Now
HDFCGift voucher or 0.3%NAhttps://www.hdfcbank.com/Join Now
Axis Bank7% per lead30 dayshttps://www.axisbank.com/Join Now

Best VPN affiliate programs

There are a lot of websites that are not open on your network due to your area. Virtual private networks provide you complete freedom to view all such websites on the Internet. If you live in USA and want to do blogging or sales for the people of India, then this is a great tool for you. Many VPN providers provide services to their customers at affordable prices. By the way, you will also get free extensions but their services are limited. Some good VPNs are given in the table below.

Service NameEarningCookies PeriodURLAffiliate URL
NordVPN40%30 dayshttps://nordvpn.com/Join Now
IPVanish35% to 100%30 dayshttps://www.ipvanish.com/Join Now
Surf Shark40%30 dayshttps://surfshark.com/Join Now
ExpressVPN$13 to $36 per sale90 days https://www.expressvpn.com/Join Now
StrongVPN100% to 200% per sale30 dayshttps://strongvpn.com/Join Now

Best Marketing tools Platforms

Starting a business is very easy but marketing it is such a difficult task. You need a variety of marketing tools to increase sales in your business. Whether you are blogging or you have sold the course online, any of these tools can take your business to a new height. For example, if you want to inform your customers about your new product with the help of email, email marketing tool will be good for you. Some of these popular marketing tools provide huge commission percentage to affiliate marketers for promoting their services. Sign up soon for these affiliate programs. And start making more and more money.

ServicesEarningCookies PeriodURLAffiliate URL
AWeber30% per sale365 Dayshttps://www.aweber.com/Join Now
Sendinblue30% per sale90 dayshttps://www.sendinblue.com/Join Now
Convertkit30% per sale60 dayshttps://convertkit.com/Join Now
LeadPages10% per sale30 dayshttps://www.leadpages.com/Join Now
GetResponse33% per sale120 dayshttps://eu.getresponse.com/Join Now
SEMRush40% per sale120 dayshttps://www.semrush.com/Join Now
Pabbly30% per sale30 dayshttps://www.pabbly.com/Join Now
Unbounce20% per sale90 dayshttps://unbounce.com/Join Now
Constant Contact35% per sale120 dayshttps://www.constantcontact.com/Join Now
Typeform10% per referral60 dayshttps://www.typeform.com/Join Now
Kajabi30% per sale30 dayshttps://kajabi.com/Join Now
Coursera10% to 45% per sale30 dayshttps://www.coursera.org/Join Now
Teachable30% per commission90 dayshttps://teachable.com/Join Now
Kinsta10% per sale60 dayshttps://kinsta.com/Join Now
Flywheel300% per sale90 dayshttps://getflywheel.com/Join Now
Momondo40% per sale30 minuteshttps://www.momondo.in/Join Now

Bitcoin and Crypto affiliate programs

Cryptocurrency is a very versatile market. There is no control of any government on this. In today’s time, cryptocurrency has made many people millionaires. It gives you a huge opportunity to earn more money during working hours. Many new people are showing interest in buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. coins to earn money from it.

If you have good knowledge of cryptocurrency then you can share this knowledge with people through blogging, YouTube, or any other medium. For this, you can sign up for the affiliate program given below. And you can earn a big profit by sharing referral links to other people. The best thing about these affiliate programs is that commissions are very high, with a long cookie period.

Services NameEarningCookie PeriodsURLAffiliate URL
Binance41% per sale90 dayshttps://www.binance.com/enJoin Now
Coinbase50% per sale30 dayshttps://www.coinbase.com/Join Now
Ledger Wallet10% per sale30 dayshttps://www.ledger.com/Join Now
LocalBitcoins20% per sale90 dayshttps://localbitcoins.com/Join Now

Best Gaming affiliate programs

About 60% of the people in the world like to play games. It is without doubt a huge audience niche. Many people teach playing new games on platforms like YouTube. If you have a blog, then you can also write any tricks to the people and you can promote the product related to gaming. The commission percentage in this niche is very good. In the table below, many gaming related affiliate programs are given, whose cookie duration is quite long. You can join all these programs by clicking on their link.

Services NameEarningCookies PeriodURL Affiliate URL
Twitch5% per sale30 dayshttps://www.twitch.tv/Join Now
Leprestore15% per sale15 dayshttps://leprestore.com/Join Now
Razer10% per sale30 dayshttps://www.razer.com/Join Now
CDkeys5% per sale30 dayshttps://www.cdkeys.com/Join Now

Freelancing affiliate programs

Industrialization is happening very fast in the world. Everyday new technology is being launched in the market. Due to this, there is a lot of change in the way companies work. you can also read our post Best Freelancing Sites to Make Money by doing Work from Home

Today’s youth always think of creating additional income instead of continuously working in the same company for 8 hours a day for the rest of their lives.

These people do the same work that they enjoy doing. Such people are their own bosses. No boss orders run over them. You can complete this work from anywhere without any office. Such people are called freelancers. Freelancer wants to do the job they love and is always ready to put their field in pursuit of greatness and monetize their skills well.

Services NameEarningCookies PeiodURLAffiliate URL
Fiverr30%365 Dayhttps://www.fiverr.com/Join Now
Freelancer3% per sale90 Dayhttps://www.freelancer.in/Join Now
People per hour2% to 4% per sale30 dayshttps://www.peopleperhour.com/Join Now

Career affiliate programs

Every company seeks the perfect employees for itself, in the same way every young man seeks the best company for himself. After graduation, everyone submits their resumes on several websites in search of a good career. You can help such people to find good jobs. You can share your referral link on your blog or social media. If anyone clicks on your link and visits these websites, you will get some commission. In this referral program, earning is not much, but you get a lot of traffic.

Service NameEarningCookie PeriodURLAffiliate URL
Indeed5-10%30 days https://in.indeed.com/ Join Now
Monster India5-10%45 dayshttps://www.monsterindia.com/Join Now
CareerBuilder 20 INR per job postingNAhttps://www.careerbuilder.com/Join Now
CareerKey$50 per month30 dayshttps://www.careerkey.org/Join Now
ResumeRobin15% to 50%30 dayshttp://www.resumerobin.com/Join Now

Matrimonial Affiliate Programs

As soon as the boy or girl becomes young, their parents begin to worry about their marriage. Those people get upset in search of a real life partner. There are many matrimonial websites in India. These websites are also very popular among adults. With the help of this website many people have also found a good life partner. As the wedding season starts, the traffic on these websites suddenly increases. By promoting these websites, you can create a great income. These websites have a long cookie periods. And there are more earnings than other niche programs.

ServicesEarningCookie PeriodURLAffiliate URL
BharatMatrimony25% per action48 hourshttps://www.bharatmatrimony.com/Join Now
Shaadi.com75% per action90 dayshttps://www.shaadi.com/Join Now
AngelMatrimony50% per action30 dayshttps://www.angelmatrimony.com/Join Now

Makeup and Cosmetics

Everyone wants to look beautiful. For this, many people use cosmetic. In today’s time, adornment is not only the jewel of the woman, now men are also using makeup. You can give makeup tips to people with the help of social media or blogs. And at the same you can also promote affiliate product. You will also find most of the makeup accessories on Flipkart and Amazon website. But we have found some good website for you which gives good percentage of product price as commission.

ServicesEarningCookie PeriodsAffiliate URL
The Body Shop8% per sale7 daysJoin Now
SheaButter10% per sale21 daysJoin Now
Beauty Source10% per sale10 daysJoin Now
Nykaa9% per sale30 daysJoin Now
Nanshy10% per saleLifetimeJoin Now
Glambot10% per saleNAJoin Now
Sally Beauty5% per sale7 daysJoin Now
True Natural10-15% per sale30 dayJoin Now
Mommy Makeup10% per sale60 dayJoin Now
Beauty Bakerie8% per sale30 daysJoin Now
Madison Reed20$ per sale30 daysJoin Now
Jolie Beauty10% per sale60 daysJoin Now
Colorescience5% per saleNAJoin Now
Adore Beauty10% per sale30 dayJoin Now
StyleKorean7% per saleNAJoin Now
Violet Grey12% per sale30 dayJoin Now
Mica Beauty Cosmetics5-8% per saleLifetimeJoin Now
Elizabeth Arden8% per sale30 dayJoin Now
BH Cosmetics8% per sale60 daysJoin Now
Sigma Beauty10% per saleNAJoin Now
Beautylish10% per sale30-dayJoin Now
Olive Young10% per sale30-dayJoin Now
Safe and ChicNANAJoin Now
Ulta Beauty1-5% per sale30-dayJoin Now
Erno Laszlo10% per sale30-dayJoin Now
Makeup Eraser6% per saleNAJoin Now
Ctzn Cosmetics5% per sale30 daysJoin Now
Black Opal Beauty6-9% per saleNAJoin Now
100 Percent Pure8% per saleNAJoin Now
Juice Beauty6% per sale30-dayJoin Now

Fashion and lifestyle affiliate programs

Most people prefer to buy fashionable clothes online. Everyday new fashions are coming in the market. If you are an Instagram influencer then this is the best niche for you. Where you can promote your favorite fashion brands. And in return you can earn some money.

Most fashion websites in India do not have their own affiliate program, but you can join affiliate networks like Cuelinks, here you will find all the programs offering the website.

Services NameEarningCookie PeriodsURLAffiliate URL
TataCLiQ10% per sale30 dayshttps://www.tatacliq.com/Join Now
Myntra2% to 3% per sale30 dayshttps://www.myntra.com/Join Now
ABOF5% per sale24 hours to 30 dayshttps://www.abof.com/Join Now
AJIO5% to 6% per sale30 dayshttps://www.ajio.com/Join Now
KOOVS6% to 8% per sale30 dayshttps://www.koovs.com/Join Now
Global Desi2% to 5% per sale30 dayshttps://www.globaldesi.in/Join Now
LimeRoad9% per sale60 dayshttps://www.limeroad.com/Join Now
FirstCry0.5% to 1% per sale30 dayshttps://www.firstcry.com/Join Now
NNNow30% per sale30 dayshttps://www.nnnow.com/Join Now

Travel affiliate programs

If you are fond of travel blogging, then this affiliate program is best for you. You can give the right information about cheap flight tickets, bus tickets, hotel bookings, resorts, etc. to your audience.
The tourism industry is a profitable niche. You can earn good money by joining the affiliate program given below

Services Name EarningCookies PeriodsURLAffiliate URL
Yatra10% per sale30 dayshttps://www.yatra.com/Join Now
TripAdvisor50% per sale14 daysThttps://www.tripadvisor.in/Join Now
MakeMyTrip10% per sale30 dayshttps://www.makemytrip.com/Join Now
Expedia India3% per booking30 dayshttps://www.expedia.co.in/Join Now
OYO Rooms5% per sale45 dayshttps://www.oyorooms.com/Join Now
TravelGuru5% to 10% per sale30 dayshttps://www.travelguru.com/Join Now
Goibibo15% per booking24 hourshttps://www.goibibo.com/Join Now
RedBusup to Rs.195 per sale24 hourshttps://m.redbus.in/Join Now
CheapFlights60% to 75% per sale30 minuteshttps://www.in.cheapflights.com/Join Now

Health and fitness affiliate programs

Since the arrival of the Pandemic, most people are paying much attention to their health and fitness. And websites that work on the niche of health and fitness have been flooded with opportunities.

If you work in one such niche, then this is the right time for you to join the affiliate program of Health and Fitness. You can promote healthy products from medicines to your blog on YouTube social media.

Since it is related to niche health, do not forget to write a disclaimer in your campaign. And always promote only reliable products. We have given some good and best health and fitness affiliate programs for you in the table below. You can join them by clicking on their links.

Services NameEarningCookie PeriodsURLAffiliate URL
Medlife15% per sale30 dayshttps://www.medlife.com/Join Now
India Herbs10% to 40% per sale30 dayshttp://www.indianherbs.co.in/Join Now
StayFit2% to 5% per sale30 dayshttp://stayfitindia.com/Join Now
Fitbit3% per sale15 dayshttps://www.fitbit.com/Join Now
PharmEasyRs.240 per sale30 dayshttps://pharmeasy.in/Join Now
NetMeds12% per sale30 dayshttps://www.netmeds.com/Join Now
Net2Fitness8% per sale30 dayhttps://net2fitness.com/Join Now
ACE Fitness8% per sale30 Dayshttps://www.acefitness.org/Join Now
All Volleyball5% per saleUnknownhttps://www.allvolleyball.com/Join Now
ProForm Fitness8% - 11% Per Sale30 Dayshttps://www.proform.com/Join Now
BowFlex7% Per Sale30 Dayshttps://www.bowflex.com/Join Now
Titan Fitness4% - 5% Per Sale30 Dayshttps://www.titan.fitness/Join Now
JumpSport8% per sale30 Dayshttps://www.jumpsport.com/Join Now
Lifeline Fitness 10% per sale30 Dayshttps://www.lifelinefitness.us/Join Now
PaleoPlan 75% per saleUnknownhttps://www.paleoplan.com/Join Now
FitReserve$50 per saleUnknownhttps://www.fitreserve.com/Join Now
Evolve Fit Wear6% per saleUnknownhttps://evolvefitwear.com/Join Now
Bulletproof10% - 50% Per SaleUnknownhttps://www.bulletproof.com/Join Now
24 Hour Fitness $20 per sale60 dayhttps://www.24hourfitness.com/Join Now
Natalie Jill Fitness 30% - 50% per saleUnknownhttps://www.nataliejillfitness.com/Join Now


For affiliate marketing, we have told you more than 100 profitable affiliate programs. If you have a blog or YouTube channel of your own, you can start promoting any of these programs from today itself.

Always keep in mind that there are thousands of affiliate programs in the world, but you choose the niche in which you work. And you have always been transparent with your audience. Do not promote any wrong program in order to earn more money.

If you are not able to earn money, do not worry, with consistency and the right techniques, you will start making a good income in a few days. And you will become a successful affiliate marketer.

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