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In today’s time, Google search has become an important part of our life. To get any kind of information, we first search on Google itself. We are sure that you must be using Google many times a day. But chances are, unless you’re a techie, you’ll probably still be using the simplest form of Google Search. But with the help of Google Search Advanced Tips, you will also become a search expert.

At present, if you use the Google search engine by typing a few words and limiting them to search, then we tell you that there is a better way to do a Google search. Using all these methods, you can make your Google search more effective.

Apart from this, even if you are well-versed in technology and are already using all these techniques to do a Google search, still I suggest that you bookmark this article on Google search tips and keep it safe. By doing this, whenever you need these tips, then you will be able to use them easily. If you do not do this, then you will always be seen as an innocent child repeatedly typing basic questions into Google.

All the best Google search tips we have given in this article are based on our own experience and things that I find really useful. In addition, we have deliberately kept the details of all these search tips brief, as you can understand most of them through an example only.

Let us now tell you about the most useful Google search tricks.

30+ Advanced Search Techniques for Google

1)    Use an Exact Phrase

“[keyword 1] [keyword 2]” [keyword 3]

Example: “online sales” training

2)    Try Using… OR in search

[keyword 1] OR [keyword 2]

Example: mechanical engineering OR colleges

3)    Google Search Exclude Word

-[keyword to exclude] [keyword to include]

Example: -email marketing automation tools

4)    Find Words Within Text + Title + URL, etc.

Code: intext:[keywords]

Example: intext: morning walk benefits

5)    Find all Words in a Text Block

Code: allintext:[keywords]

Example: allintext:cryptocurrency conferences 2022

6)    Google Search in a Title (one word)

Code: [keywords 1] intitle:[keywords 2]

Example: marketing blogs intitle:desital

7)    Google Search in a Title (all multiple words)

Code: allintitle:[keywords]

Example: allintitle:best food in New York

8)    Search Within in a URL

Code: allinURL:[keywords]

Example: allinURL:SEO competitor tool

9)    Google Search Within a Website

Code: site:[website URL] [keywords]

Example: health

10) Google Search Similar Words

Code: “[keywords]” ~[keyword synonym]

Example: “direct marketing” ~strategies

11) Google Search Related Words

Code: related:[website URL you’re familiar with]


12) Google Search Definitions

Code: efine:[keyword]

Example: define:marketing

13) Google Search for Price

Code: [keywords] $[number]

Example: amazon echo plus $99.99

14) Location-based Searches

Code: avengers location:California

Example: avengers location:California

15) google search for missing or unknown Words

Code: [keywords 1] * [keywords 2]

Example: Humpty Dumpty * a wall

16) Google Translations

Code: translate [keyword or sentence] to [language]

Example: translate “the little baby is playing” to Spanish

17) Google Search File Type

Code: [keywords] filetype:[file type extension]

Example: marathon training plan filetype:ppt

18) Google Area Code Lookup

Code: area code [3-digit area code]

Example: area code 212

Code: area code [location]

Example: area code New York City

19) Conversion Calculations

Code: convert [data value + unit of measure] to [like unit of measure]

Example: convert 32 miles to km

20) Google Zip Code Lookup

Code: [street number] + [street name] + [city] + [state]

Example: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC

21) Share Stock Information

Code: [stock ticker symbol]

Code: [company name] stock

Example: msft

22) Google Search math calculator

Code: [number] [operator] [number]

Example: 120*245

Use Numerical operators like

* for multiply

+ to add

– to subtract

/ to divide

23) Tip Calculator

Enter the search term tip calculator into the search box

24) Search Within Numeric Ranges

Code: [keywords] [first date]..[second date]

Example: star wars 1977..1983

25) Stopwatch

Enter stopwatch into Google for a stopwatch tool.

26) Timer

Code: [length of time] timer

Example: 12 minute timer

27) Sunrise and Sunset

Code: sunrise {enter} – Google uses your IP location

Example: sunrise New Haven, CT

Code: sunset los angeles July 4, 2019

Example: sunset madrid spain

28) Weather Data

Code: weather [location]

Code: [location] weather

Example: weather seattle wa

29) Real time Flight Status

Code: [airline name] [fight number]

Code: [airline abbreviation] [fight number]

Example: delta 101

30) Sports Scores, etc

Code: [team 1] [keywords] [team 2]

Example: manchester united vs psg

31) Nutrition Information

Code: [food item] nutrition

Example: grilled chicken salad nutrition

32) Google Images Search

Code: [keyword] image type

Example: sales funnel png

33) Movie Search

Code: movie:[new movie name]

Example: movie:avengers

FAQ about Google Search Advanced Tips

Why do I need advanced tips for using Google Search?

Using advanced tips for Google Search can help you find the information you need more quickly and accurately, saving you time and effort.

What kind of tips will be covered in the blog post?

The blog post will cover a range of advanced tips for Google Search, including search operators, filters, and other techniques for refining your search results.

Will the tips be suitable for beginners?

The tips in the blog post are designed to be accessible to users of all skill levels, including beginners. However, some of the more advanced techniques may require a bit more experience with Google Search.

Can I use these tips on other search engines?

While some of the techniques covered in the blog post may work on other search engines, they are primarily focused on Google Search.

Will the tips help me with my research or work?

Yes, the advanced tips covered in the blog post can be especially useful for research and work, as they can help you find specific information more efficiently.

Are there any risks or drawbacks to using these advanced tips?

There are no significant risks or drawbacks to using the advanced tips covered in the blog post. However, it’s always important to be aware of potential sources of misinformation or bias in your search results and to use your critical thinking skills to evaluate the information you find.

Can I suggest other tips to add to the blog post?

Yes, if you have any additional tips or techniques that you think would be helpful to include in the blog post, you can leave a comment or contact the author directly.

Final Thoughts: Google Search Advanced Tips

In today’s modern era, everyone knows how to use Google Search, but most do not know how to use its full potential.

We believe that after reading this article completely, you will be able to use Google search to its full potential. Due to this, your search results will get more speed and accuracy.

Your online world will become much easier if you use all these search shortcuts for daily Google searches.

If you liked this article on Google Advance Search Tips, then do share it with your friends and family.

Thank you!

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