GeneratePress Theme Review 2022

GeneratePress theme review: Are you looking for the best theme for your WordPress blog?

You have come to the right place, through this post we are going to review a multipurpose WordPress theme that you can use for any kind of blog or website.

The biggest role for any blog to succeed is the theme used in that blog. It is true that a blog succeeds by having the right, interactive or more reader-friendly content. But with this, your theme should also be SEO-friendly. GeneratePress is a popular and freely available WordPress theme that has become the first choice of millions of WordPress bloggers.

Generatepress is a very popular and light weight theme of WordPress. This WordPress Theme was developed by Tom Usborne, a Canadian developer. At present, this theme has more than 1 lakh installations worldwide. You will be surprised to know that the size of this WordPress Theme is only around 10 KB.

It is available in both Theme Free and Paid Version. You can buy its Paid Version for just $ 49, which is very little compared to other WordPress themes.

In this GeneratePress theme review, I will tell you about the use of the Generator theme and some of its specific features that make this WordPress theme perfect for your blog.

Special Feature of GeneratePress theme

  • With this theme, a user gets a great interface or design on the blog.
  • You can use this theme only on your WordPress blog.
  • GeneratePress is the best value for money theme as compared to all other WordPress themes.
  • Buy this theme only one time and use it on as many sites as you want.
  • GeneratePress is available in both free or paid versions
  • You can use this theme in any kind of niche like eCommerce, blogging, gaming, etc.
  • With this theme, you get thousands of ready-made site templates or site libraries.
  • Easy to use and user-friendly interface.
  • GeneratePress is the only theme with a total size of only 30 KB, which is the lightest of all available WordPress themes.

Advantage of GeneratePress Theme

If you use WordPress for your blog, then a GeneratePress theme is the best theme for you. You will be surprised to know that the GeneratePress Theme is also being used in the blog ( you are reading. Although there are many benefits of using GeneratePress Theme on the blog, but we have tried to tell you about some of the benefits of this theme.

1. Lightweight WordPress Theme

GeneratePress is the most Lightweight Theme in WordPress with an actual size of only 10KB. This is the reason that even at low internet speed, the loading speed of a blog based on this theme is very good.

2. Fully SEO Optimize Theme

If you want your blog to be ranked in the engine, then your blog should be fully SEO optimized. In today’s time, SEO has become very advance. It is no longer based only on Best Keyword and Great Content. It also depends on the theme used in the blog. Website Loading Time is one of the most important factors for good blog SEO which depends only on the theme of the blog.

For a better user experience, the GeneratePress theme has been designed by its developer in such a way that no extra JavaScript and CSS files have been added to it. Due to which it becomes very lightweight and loads the blog very fast. The special feature of fast loading any WordPress blog or website becomes the main ring to get that blog or website a good ranking in any search engine.

3. Mobile friendly

It is said that the 21st century belongs to the mobile phone. The use of smartphones is increasing continuously all over the world. If you are the owner of a blog, it is very important that your blog be mobile-friendly. Blogs are considered to be mobile-friendly in Google or search engine rankings. GeneratePress Theme predesign is a Mobile Friendly WordPress Theme.

If you use GeneratePress Theme for your blog or website, then your blog will fit very easily in the size of any mobile screen. After using GeneratePress Theme on your blog, there is no need to worry about your blog is mobile-friendly. After using this theme, there will be no decrease in the speed of your blog or website on mobile.

4. Attractive Look of GeneratePress Theme

Looks play a major role in making any WordPress blog attractive. If you use GeneratePress Theme, then you will not be able to stop making your blog attractive. Because you get Simple Look with GeneratePress Theme.

5. Multipurpose Theme

With the help of GeneratePress WordPress Theme, you can design any type of website. This is a multipurpose WordPress theme available at the cheapest price of 49$ only. With the help of this theme, you can design any kind of blog, e-commerce website, Amazon Affiliate website or blog, online shopping store, etc.

6. Theme compatibility with Any Page Builder

The GeneratePress WordPress Theme is designed to be fully compatible with any page builder. If you use any of the Paige builders like Elementor, Thrive-Architect, etc. for page design in your website or blog, then GeneratePress fully shows its compatibility with all these Page Builders. By using both GeneratePress and Page Builder together, you can give a very professional look to your blog or website.

7. Google AdSense Friendly

The basic source of income of a blogger is the advertisement on his blog which comes on the blog through Google Adsense.

Nowadays, due to the increasing number of bloggers, getting approval from Google Adsense has become a very complicated task. But in getting quick approval of Google Adsense, much depends on the theme used on that blog.

Generatepress theme is a fully optimized theme due to which it is very friendly to Google Adsense as well. If you use this WordPress Theme in your billion-dollar blog, then the Approve of AdSense will be found very easily for your blog. And you will be able to make a good income every month with Adsense.

8. Affordable Price for Everyone

If you buy any good WordPress theme, then it will work for 70-120 $. But if you want to buy the Premium Version of GeneratePress Theme, then you get it at a Very Affordable Price. You can buy the premium version of GeneratePress Theme for your WordPress blog at an affordable and cheaper price of just $ 49 per year.

9. Best Customer Support

You only get the mail option for customer support of GeneratePress Theme. But we are sure that you will never need customer support. More and more bloggers around the world have used or are still using the GeneratePress Theme for their blog at some time. Therefore, you will find thousands of tutorials or guide articles on YouTube or other platforms, which can be useful for you. Apart from this, hundreds of articles related to this theme are available in the form of tutorials on the GeneratePress website, which will be very useful for you.

If you still want support, then you can contact the team of GeneratePress through the mail given by them, they immediately reply to your mail.

Conclusion: GeneratePress Theme Review

We are sure that you must have liked this GeneratePress Theme Review. With the help of this article, we learned how this theme occupies an important place in the Best Theme of WordPress. In addition, customization of this theme is also very easy.

You can use any free or paid version of the GeneratePress theme for your blog. In the paid version only you get the facility of more customization. Along with this, you also get the Generate Press Premium Plugin in the paid version with the Generate Press theme, which adds to the beauty of your blog.

In the Premium theme, you get to see a lot of advanced features, while only limited features are available in its free version.

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