25 Best FREE Blogging Platforms to Start Your Blog in 2022

Are you thinking about starting a new blog in 2022 but are confused about the choice of the best free blogging platform, then you are in the right place? With the help of this article, we will tell you detailed information about choosing the best free blogging platforms in 2022.

Today, the world is changing very fast. Every day new innovations are happening. Millions of new stories are being made. But the Internet has made our access to all this information very easy.

Now you must be wondering how all this information comes on the Internet. So for this, we tell you that all this information comes through blogging on the Internet. Blogging should be in videos, audio, images, written, etc., and can be in any form. Blogging has made an important contribution to the development of the Internet.

Best FREE Blogging Platforms in 2022

  1. WordPress (www.wordpress.org)
  2. Blogger (www.blogger.com)
  3. Wix (www.wix.com)
  4. Google Sites (sites.google.com/)
  5. Tumblr (www.tumblr.com)
  6. Medium (www.medium.com)
  7. Quora (www.quora.com)
  8. Weebly (www.weebly.com)
  9. HubPages (discover.hubpages.com)
  10. SimpleSite
  11. Yola
  12. Facebook
  13. Instagram (Video, Images)
  14. Drupal
  15. SquareSpace
  16. Joomla (www.joomla.org)
  17. TypePad
  18. Jimdo
  19. Angelfire
  20. Diigo
  21. Splash
  22. LiveJournal
  23. Hatena
  24. Ghost (www.ghost.org)
  25. LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com)

Why do people blogging

Most people usually share their personal opinion or experience through blogging. This blog can be beneficial or non-profit of any kind. For-profit blogging includes blogs related to affiliate marketing, and non-profits include news websites.


Through this post, we have provided detailed information about the 25 best free blogging platforms to start your online blog.

If you are a blogger, movie lover, gamer, or affiliate marketer and want to earn extra money, then you can start your blog at any platform given in the list. The best feature of all these platforms is that they are completely free of cost to use.

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