Flywheel WordPress Hosting Review and Buying Guide

Flywheel Hosting Review 2023: It is generally analyzed that managed WordPress hosting provides a highly performant and better experience for WordPress blogs than shared hosting. If you are thinking of developing your blog using the WordPress CMS platform, then managed WordPress hosting will prove to be a better option for hosting your blog.

In this article, we will review Flywheel WordPress hosting; Apart from this, we will give you a foolproof guide about the different features, advantages, and disadvantages of this hosting and how to buy WordPress hosting from FlyWheel.

Is Flywheel good for beginner’s blog: Flywheel Hosting Review

Flywheel WordPress Hosting can prove to be expensive for a beginner blogger. If you don’t have any budget issues, then you can definitely consider flywheel hosting for your WordPress blog.

At present, Flywheel WordPress Hosting occupies the leading position among the most popular and trustful managed WordPress hosting providers to its customers all over the world. Along with this, with Flywheel WordPress Hosting, you get great features related to WordPress, which provide an unforgettable experience to WordPress users and agencies.

Overall Features of Flywheel hosting

SNServices NameRemarks
1Domain NameFree
3Customer Support24 X 7 Customer Support (Phone, Live Chat, Mail, Social, Forums)
4Hosting PlansWordPress Managed Hosting
5Manage AppWordPress only
7Starting PriceStarting at $13.00/mo ($150/year)

Flywheel Hosting Plan (Flywheel Hosting Review 2023)

Flywheel Hosting offers four types of plans to its WordPress customers:

  1. Tiny
  2. Starter,
  3. Freelance,
  4. Agency

Flywheel Hosting offers plans for both a business and a freelancer.

Flywheel Hosting Plan Price in USA

Flywheel WordPress Hosting Tiny Plan

Flywheel WordPress Hosting provides Tiny plans to its customers for just only $13 per month. This plan is the best hosting plan for small businesses and beginner WordPress blogs.

Websites hosted with this plan can handle traffic of up to 5000 visitors per month.

Under Flywheel WordPress Hosting’s Tiny plan, you can host only one WordPress website or blog on your hosting server.

If you buy this plan for one year, then you will have to pay only $150/year with two months of free hosting.

With the Tiny plan of Flywheel WordPress Hosting, you get only 5GB of storage space and up to 20GB of bandwidth storage.

Flywheel WordPress Hosting Starter Plan

You can buy the Flywheel WordPress Hosting Starter Plan for just $25/month. If you buy this WordPress hosting plan for one year at $300/year, you can get free hosting for two months.

With this Flywheel hosting plan, you can host only 1 WordPress blog or website on your hosting server.

The website or blog hosted on Flywheel WordPress Hosting Starter Plan has the capacity to bear 25000 visitors to its servers every month. Up to 10GB of storage capacity and up to 50GB of bandwidth are available with the flywheel starter plan.

Flywheel WordPress Hosting Freelance Plan

You can buy Flywheel WordPress Hosting Freelance Plan for just $96/month. If you buy this WordPress hosting plan for one year at the rate of $1150/year, you can get free hosting for two months.

You can also create 10 WordPress blogs or websites on your hosting server under the Freelance plan.

The website or blog hosted on the Flywheel WordPress Hosting Freelance plan has the capacity to bear 100000 visitors on its servers every month.
Storage capacity of up to 20GB and bandwidth of up to 200GB are available with the Storage Freelance plan.

Flywheel WordPress Hosting Agency Plan

The Agency plan from Flywheel WordPress Hosting is the most expensive plan among all the available plans at the cost of $242/Month or $2900/Year. If you buy this plan for one year, then two months of hosting is available for free.

With the Agency plan, one can host 30 WordPress websites or blogs on the hosting server, which has the capacity to handle the traffic of 400000 visitors per month.

In the Agency plan of Flywheel WordPress Hosting, the user gets 50GB of storage and up to 500GB of Bandwidth Storage.

With this plan, the customer can take advantage of extra features like a migration dashboard, phone support, dedicated account management, Quarterly Business Reviews, etc.

Flywheel Hosting features

Free migration facility with all hosting plans

If you want to migrate your website or blog from your current hosting provider to Flywheel’s hosting server, then you don’t have to worry because Flywheel offers a free website migration facility to its customers with all its available plans.

Flywheel Hosting will help you quickly migrate your existing website to the hosting package of your choice without taking the site down.

The need for a free migration service is best for those people who transfer their large number of websites or blogs from one hosting to another hosting.

At present, almost all the hosting providers provide the facility of website migration, but they are offered only for limited amounts of websites or charge a lot of money for it.

CDN (Powered Fast)

Content Delivery Network (CDN) takes care of the loading speed of your website or blog. You can use the CDN for free with all Flywheel WordPress hosting plans. In addition, CDN reduces the bandwidth consumption of your hosting server and also protects your sites from DDoS attacks.

Simple SSL Certificates

Flywheel WordPress Hosting offers free SSL for all websites or blogs which is hosted on the Flywheel hosting server.

Third-Party SSL Certificates

Flywheel WordPress hosting also allows the facility of third-party SSL certificates like other hosting providers.

Free StudioPress Themes

StudioPress Themes is one of the most lightweight and fast-performing WordPress themes available today. If you buy hosting from a Flywheel hosting provider, then you can use the StudioPress theme on your blog for free.

Genesis Framework

It is a theme developer and design tool that you can use on your website or blog for free with the purchase of all plans of Flywheel hosting, which will give a professional look to your blog.

User-Friendly Dashboard

At Flywheel Hosting, you get a user-friendly dashboard that is wholly designed keeping in mind the interest of the user. In this dashboard, you will find everything you need to manage your website easily.


With the help of this tool, you can easily customize the theme of your website or blog.

Auto-Healing Technology

If there is any security-related problem in the WordPress blog or website hosted on Flywheel Hosting, then with the help of this technology, it will be fixed automatically. Along with this, the site owner will also get this information through the mail.

Plugin Security Alerts

The Plugin Security Alerts team will alert you immediately if a plugin encounters any problems with your website.


With the help of this tool in Flywheel WordPress Hosting, you can collaborate with your team or freelancer. If you are an agency, then you can also manage your client’s website with the help of this tool.

To keep a single website secure, you can create a contact for Collaborate.

Billing Transfer

If you want to transfer your hosting plan to another client’s account, then you can easily do so from Flywheel WordPress hosting panel. Apart from this, if you want to upgrade your hosting plan, you can also do it with the help of this feature.

Nightly backup

A nightly backup facility is provided with every Flywheel WordPress hosting plan.

Site Cloning (Flywheel Hosting Review 2023)

With the help of the site cloning tool, you will be able to quickly shift any site to any other plan.

Free Demo Site

Before choosing any plan, you can use any Flywheel hosting plan for 14 days trial. If you like Flywheel hosting, then you can choose the appropriate plan which you need.

Staging Sites

With the help of its feature, new ideas can be taken, which can prove to be beneficial for your website.

Global and Local Availability

With this hosting, you can access your website or blog locally or globally.

Google Analytics Add-on

With the help of this add-on, you can connect your business and website with Google Analytics which helps a lot in growing your business.

Customer support at Flywheel hosting

In terms of customer support, no other hosting provider can match Flywheel WordPress Hosting. Flywheel WordPress hosting offers five types of customer support options, including phone calls, email, social media, live chat, and community help.

Flywheel hosting customer support options

Flywheel WordPress hosting performance

This hosting is designed with only WordPress users in mind, due to which its performance cannot be compared to other hosting providers. Once you use Flywheel WordPress hosting, you yourself will be clear about the performance of this hosting and whether you should buy hosting from this company for your blog or website.

In this hosting, you get the option of custom caching, which is capable of automatically handling all your caching-related problems. In addition, free CDN service is also available for every website hosted on your server.

The WordPress optimization feature of this hosting keeps on optimizing your WordPress blog all the time to force you to achieve high performance. Flywheel WordPress Hosting’s partnership with Google Cloud makes its performance even more powerful.

Pros and Cons (Flywheel Hosting Review 2023)


  • High-quality blog security options are available on this hosting server.
  • There are five types of options available for customer support.
  • The performance and uptime of the blog remain very high.
  • WordPress can be installed in a blog in just one click.
  • Free SSL and CDN options are available for all websites.


  • The price of this hosting is very high
  • Hosting is available for WordPress users only.

Conclusion: Flywheel Hosting Review 2023

By the way, you will find many managed hosting providing companies in the market, which will also provide hosting at a meager cost. But we can assure you that no hosting provider can compete with Flywheel Hosting’s performance in the field of WordPress-managed hosting.

At present, no hosting provider provides the same quality of service in WordPress hosting as Flywheel provides to its customers. Many of our blogs are hosted on Flywheel Hosting servers, whose performance is unmatched.

If you are looking for hosting for your block, then Flywheel Hosting will not find any good option, you can get an idea of ​​its performance by using the 14-day trial of this hosting.
Apart from this, if you have any questions related to Flywheel Hosting, then you can ask us through the comment, and we will be very happy to help you. If the information contained in this article has proved beneficial for you, then definitely share it with your friends and relatives.

Thank you!

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