How to Monetize Luxury Travel Blog: 23 Best Cruise Affiliate Programs

Are you the owner of a travel blog or channel and want to increase your earnings through affiliate marketing.

So you have come to the right place.

We have many great tips to increase your affiliate marketing earnings.

Through this post, we will tell you about the affiliate program present in the field of the cruise market.

This post of ours is related to the travel industry. In today’s time, the travel industry has slowed down a bit due to the Covid-19 epidemic, but as soon as normalcy returns in the world, this industry will again touch new heights of growth.

Most people love to travel, and who would not like to spend a week’s holiday on a friendly and luxurious cruise.

If you are the owner of such a website or blog where people get the best opinion and guidance, then you can generate a good income.

1. Statistics related to the cruise travel industry

  • Traveling on a cruise comes in a grand journey.
  • Today, the cruise industry is worth about $134 billion globally.
  • America is holding its place at number one with about 11% share in this industry.
  • Traveling on a cruise turns into an expensive, exotic, and mesmerizing experience
  • In 2019, more than 30 million people traveled on the cruise.
  • More than 30% of new cruises were deployed in the Caribbean Sea alone in 2019.

2. How to start Cruise Affiliate Marketing

To start cruise affiliate programs, you can create a blog or website as well as a YouTube channel. After that, you can publish the content on that site or channel continuously. Now you can sign up for all the cruise affiliate programs we have listed and develop high-quality content accordingly. You can also take the help of social media to promote or spread your website.

As soon as economic and social conditions return to normalcy after the worldwide Covid19 pandemic, you will have a high-converting resource to generate a decent income.

Due to your continuous publishing of high-quality content on your site or channel, your site or channel will have the best cruise travel offers for new readers. Keep in mind that you will be promoting all these travel offers under the affiliate program itself, which will act as a great source of constant income for you.

Now this question must be coming to your mind what kind of content to publish on your site. We also have a solution to this problem. We have prepared some points for you which will help you a lot.

  • You can publish in-depth review articles related to cruise travel
  • You can share your cruise travel experience with people.
  • You can compare different packages of cruise travel. And be told about a great package.
  • You can provide information about the lifestyle on any luxurious cruise on your site or channel.

3. Best Cruise Affiliate Programs

Being an attractive and luxurious market, cruise travel attracts more people to the travel industry. Due to which many cruise providers and travel agencies work in the area, the competition between them is getting tough.

Due to the mindset of serving more customers, all these cruise providers and travel agencies resort to affiliate programs to promote their travel packages.

You can promote this towel package through your site or channel. In return, you will get a good commission on every successful sale.

NameEarningCookie periodsJoin Now
Beach Tours Mexico Affiliate Program30% per sale90 daysJoin Now
BookingBuddy Affiliate Program50% per sale30 daysJoin Now
CruiseAway Affiliate Program$10 per sale90 daysJoin Now
Last Minute Travel Affiliate Program2-5% per sale30 daysJoin Now
CruiseDirect Affiliate Program3% per sale45 daysJoin Now
CheapCaribbean Affiliate Program2% per sale45 daysJoin Now
RoamRight Travel Affiliate Program15% per sale365 daysJoin Now
Sailing Europe Affiliate Program$50-$100 per sale30 daysJoin Now
TheZenCruise Affiliate Program$50-$100 per sale30 daysJoin Now
Royal Caribbean Cruises Affiliate Program4% per sale45 daysJoin Now
Allianz Worldwide Affiliate Program$25 per sale45 daysJoin Now
Entrepreneurs Cruise Affiliate Program$200 per sale30 daysJoin Now Affiliate Program10% per saleNAJoin Now
Expedia Affiliate Program$25 per sale7 daysJoin Now
Orbitz Affiliate Program2-6% per sale7 daysJoin Now
ROAM Luggage Affiliate Program8% per sale30 daysJoin Now
CraftCruises Affiliate Program20% per sale7 daysJoin Now
Virgin Holidays Cruise Affiliate Program2% per sale30 daysJoin Now
CruiseCompete Affiliate ProgramNA90 daysJoin Now
Polynesian Cultural Centre Affiliate Program5% per sale30 daysJoin Now
CheapTickets Affiliate Program$30 per sale7 daysJoin Now
Original Resorts Affiliate Program10% per sale30 daysJoin Now
Intrepid Travel Affiliate Program4% per sale60 daysJoin Now
The Cruising Insider Affiliate ProgramNA30 daysJoin Now

4. Conclusion: Top Cruise Affiliate Programs

In this cruise affiliate program article, we have provided a list of the best cruise travel industry affiliate programs. If you are associated with the travel industry, then you can join any program from the above list and earn a good commission. In this post, you will get almost all types of information about cruise travel affiliate programs.

This program is the best option for people who are social media influencers or who run travel blogs or channels on YouTube.

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