Top 30 Highest-Paying Credit Card Affiliate Programs of 2022

Are you looking for the best credit card affiliate programs, then you have come to the right place.

With the help of this article, we will give you complete information about the best credit card affiliate program around the world. All these affiliate programs pay the highest commission to their affiliate with a successful sale.

The credit card industry continues to grow at a global level. Today, the payment industry has reached over 2.5 trillion dollars, of which only the credit card industry holds $ 300 billion. The government of most countries is constantly promoting online or credit card payments.

The US is the largest credit card market in 2022.

According to the RBI report, the Indian credit card industry will achieve 115% growth from $ 80 billion to $ 198 billion by 2024.

To increase the use of credit card, most of the company also offers huge discounts on online shopping. Due to this, new customers are attracted to buying credit cards.

You can target all these customers in different ways. As many people search the internet, which company offers the best credit card for travel.Some of them searching which is the best credit card for reward points.

This affiliate program has a lot of potential for new and existing affiliate marketers. The industry is starting to grow in 2022. You can take advantage of this opportunity properly. We have provided a list of the highest-paying credit card affiliate for your convenience. With the help of this list, you can easily select the best credit card affiliate program.

Why Should You Promote Credit Cards?

Credit cards allow their customers to buy goods and services on credit. The latter also provides a service to refund the value of this purchase with some financial interest. A credit card also has the highest impact on a customer’s credit score. A credit score depends entirely on your credit history. By taking this credit score as the scale, financial institutions approve loans for big purchases such as home loans, business loans or car loans, etc., to their customers in the future.

So you must have already understood what the value of credit cards in our life is. There are many people who only take a credit card to correct their credit score, and some only take a credit card only for online shopping offers.

You can take advantage of this opportunity. With the help of a blog, you can target such people through affiliate marketing who are in dire need of credit cards.

You will be happy to know that credit card affiliate programs pay well compared to other niches. Today, this niche is very popular, and competition is very less.

30 Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs

NameEarningCookie PeriodsURLAffiliate URL
State Bank of IndiaRs.960 to Rs.1200 per action45 to 60 days Now
CitibankRs.2000 per four referrals160 Days Now
Standard CharteredRs.400 per lead30 days Now
ICICIRs.160 per lead30 days Now
Yes BankRs.1000 (Amazon voucher) Now
HDFCGift voucher or 0.3%NA Now
Axis Bank7% per lead30 days Now


Through this post, we have provided detailed information about the best Credit Card affiliate programs around the world.

If you work in the field related to the payment Industry and want to earn extra money, then you can join any program given on the list. The best feature of all these affiliate programs is that they give you up to 20% commission on every successful sale.

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