Cloudways Web Hosting Review 2022

Cloudways Web Hosting Review: Cloudways is a managed platform that helps to easily host your website on cloud servers of Digital Ocean, Google, Amazon, Linode, and Vultr. When you choose a new cloud web hosting for the first time, a lot of questions come to your mind, like, should I trust this hosting completely, etc.? is this cloud hosting reliable for my blog?

To find the answers to all these questions, most people resort to Google search. Where we read the review article related to these cloud web hosting.

Think how good it would be if we had been able to try these web hosting apart from reading the review article.

But now, you do not have to worry because Cloudways provides you the facility to use their cloud hosting of any server for free of cost for 3 days. It simply means to use it first and then trust it.

For this, you must first signup with the free hosting account of Cloudways. You can host your site on Digitalocean or any other cloud server for 3 days. By doing this, you can easily find out the hosting quality of your website. we will explain in the next paragraph how to use the Cloudways server for free of cost.

If I explain in easy language, there are many advantages of hosting your website on any cloud server. You can buy a server and host many websites or blogs on it.

1. Is Cloudways good for beginner’s blog: Cloudways Hosting Review

In this post, we will review Cloudways web hosting in detail. In addition, we will discuss the pros and cons of this Cloudways cloud hosting. Apart from this, we will also tell you why you should buy this cloud hosting. If you have not tried the power of the cloud server hosting yet, then what is the delay? It is a golden chance; you can use any Cloudways hosting server for free for 3 days.

If you are a beginner in the blogging field, then Cloudways web hosting will not be appropriate for you. However, using a cloud server in blog hosting makes the website’s performance very good. But it is slightly costlier than regular web hosting.

2. Overall Features of Cloudways hosting

SNServices NameRemarks
1Domain NameNot Free
2SSLFree for all blogs
3Customer Support24 X 7 Customer Support
4Money Back Policy30 Days
5Hosting ServersDigitalOcean, Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Linode, Vulture
6Hosting PlansCloud hosting
7Manage AppWordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento Etc
9Starting PriceStart with Just $10/mo

3. Cloudways Hosting Advantage

There are many advantages of Cloudways cloud hosting. we will discuss it all one by one in detail.

3.1 Free SSL Certificate for all domain

SSL Certificate is the most important factor for website security and ranking in search engines. But when you use Cloudways hosting, you don’t have to worry about SSL certificates. Because with every hosting plan of Cloudways, you get SSL Certificate free for an unlimited website. A website with an SSL certificate is also considered an essential parameter for SEO. In Cloudways Hosting, you can install an SSL Certificate on your Unlimited Websites for free with One Click.

3.2 A Free Cloudways Sub–Domain

If you want to use any WordPress website for purposes of testing, in Cloudways, you get a Free SubDomain which is a Default subdomain. That means you can use Cloudways hosting without a domain name. You can use this default subdomain as long as you have paid for your Cloudways hosting.

3.3 Free WordPress Cache Plugin

Apart from buying hosting on Cloudways, you also get a free WordPress Cache Plugin named Breeze. Which boosts the performance of your site. This Cache Plugin works like other Cache Plugin like WP Rocket etc. This reduces the loading time of your website by minimizing the many files on your website, which significantly helps in the search engine ranking of the website. Due to this, the User Experience on your blog or site increases, which is an excellent thing for any blogger.

3.4 Free Clone System

If you want to create another website like one of your websites, then you can do this work on Cloudways Hosting very easily in a few minutes. Staging in on Cloudways is absolutely free. That is, you can easily make a clone of the design and all the settings of any of your websites. You can also upload this clone design on your new website and make it live.

3.5 Unlimited Websites hosting on one server

The best thing about Cloudways Hosting is that you can host Unlimited Website on a server. Hosting a website on a Cloudways server is very easy. It does not depend on which cloud hosting plan you have purchased. This plan can be any plan up to 10-80 Doller. You will not need any additional coding knowledge for this. You can do all these things with the help of just a few clicks.

3.6 Easy Server Upgrade

Usually, in shared hosting, when the blog starts getting more traffic than a limit, then we have to upgrade the hosting of that blog. But in Cloudways Hosting, you do not face any such problem. Here we can increase the memory of our server with just one click. You do not need an expert to increase the memory of the server.

3.7 No Downtime: Cloudways web hosting review

When a website or blog is not live due to an issue in the hosting server, then this time is called Downtime. But if you use Cloudways Hosting, then your website will always be live. That is, the downtime of your website will always be zero. The downtime of the web hosting server also affects the ranking of the website.

3.8 High Website Speed and better server response time

The excellent loading speed of any site is a big factor in ranking in search engines. If your website is hosted on Cloudways, then the loading speed of your website will always be very good. You do not have to worry too much about your website speed. Because Cloudways has its own cache plugin, and they have more than 65 data centers around the world. Who keeps your website always optimized?

3.9 Large no of Data Centers

Cloudways is the only hosting service provider in the world that provides 65 + Data Centers to you at this price. Cloudways has data centers in almost every country in the world. You can choose the data center of the country through which traffic comes to your blog. So that the loading time of your blog will always be less and the ranking will be improved.

3.10 Free Migration

If you have a website or blog hosted on another hosting and you want to host it on Cloudways. So you can migrate this site to Cloudways Hosting for free. For this, the Cloudways Customer Support team will fully assist you.

Especially the new blogger has a lot of problems in changing the hosting of his blog. But on Cloudways, this problem will be overcome with the help of a simple chat with a customer support agent, but for this, you will have to provide the details of your old hosting. And Cloudways experts team will shift your blog’s hosting to Cloudways hosting free of cost.

3.11 High-Security level

You must be well aware of how important it is to secure a WordPress website/blog in today’s time. When your website starts becoming popular, a lot of hackers start attacking it on your site.

To protect your blog from all these hackers or scammers, Cloudways Hosting provides a high level of security. Which Cloudways provides a security bot that keeps you on timely alert about all types of problems on your blog.

So in Cloudways Hosting, you do not have to worry more about the security of your website. They automatically fix the minor issues on your website. You will be happy to know that the security of Cloudways is very high level compared to other hosting providers.

3.12 Live Support: Cloudways web hosting review

Its customer support team has an important role in making any web hosting the best hosting. If the customer support system of hosting is not good, then its customers have to face many problems. But in Cloudways hosting, you get an excellent support team that helps you to solve all your problems immediately. But here, you only get the option of chat and email, which you can use 24 * 7 anytime. Through this, you can solve your hosting-related problem. Here you do not get the facility of phone calls etc. Yes, but if you buy a big hosting plan, then you get all three options for chat, call and email for customer support.

3.13 Capable to Manage High Traffic

Whenever a blogger starts a new blog, the traffic on his blog is very less at that time. This is why these people opt for shared hosting for their blogs. But due to continuing to write the best posts and with a great SEO on your blog, the traffic on that blog keeps increasing.

Initially, due to shared hosting, the speed of the blog was down. Due to this, the ranking of the blog keeps falling continuously. And maximum blog posts do not rank on the search engine.

But if you use Cloudways hosting, then you can handle unlimited traffic on your blog. Because Cloudways distributes your website traffic to different data centers.
If there is much more traffic on any of your websites, then we suggest that you should change your blog hosting to Cloudways as soon as possible.

3.14 Low Coast CDN

If you want to use CDN (Content Delivery Network) for any of your sites or blogs, then this facility is available on Cloudways at a very low price.

Cloudways charges only $ 1 for using 25GB of data for the CDN server. This price is almost the lowest of a good CDN server. You can use Cloudways CDN Server on your blog with just one click

4. Cloudways Hosting Disadvantage

Each web hosting has some advantages as well as disadvantages. Now we will tell you about some of the disadvantages of Cloudways Hosting.

4.1 Costly For New Blogger

If you started your own blog just a few days ago, then you may find that Cloudways hosting is a bit expensive compared to other hosting providers. Because here, you get DegitalOcean’s server for $ 10 per month, where you can host unlimited websites.

But if your website is somewhat old and graves a good amount of traffic, then you can understand how much traffic this hosting can handle at such a low price.

In addition, if you use shared hosting, then you have to pay a lot of renewal charges. But there is nothing like this in Cloudways Hosting.

4.2 No Email Hosting

In Cloudways Hosting, you do not get a free email account for your blog. Here, you have to pay a monthly fee for a dedicated email address for your blog at $ 1 per email account.

4.3 No C-Panel

You do not get the facility of CPanel in Cloudways Hosting. Here you will have to use software like FileZilla to access the files of your blog.

5. All Cloudways Hosting Plan

Digital ocean

DigitalOcean’s Plan on Cloudways starts at $ 10 Per Month. With this hosting plan, your site will easily handle up to 3 lakh monthly traffic.

With this facility, hardly any other hosting plan will be available in the market at such a low price.

In this hosting plan, you also get 25 GB of file storage space with 1 GB RAM and 1TB Bandwidth. Along with this, in this plan, you can host Unlimited Website on your server.


The first plan of the Linode server on the Cloudways platform starts at 12 $ per month. With this hosting plan, your server can easily handle up to 2 lakh traffic.

In this plan, you get 1 GB RAM and 1TB Bandwidth.


The Vultr server’s first plan on the Cloudways platform starts at $ 11 per month. With this hosting plan, you can easily handle 1 to 3 lakh traffic on your server.

Amazon AWS

As you know, AWS is a very Advance Hosting Provider. Plans for this cloud hosting on the Cloudways platform start from 36 Doller Per Month and go to 274 Doller Per Month. With AWS servers, you can easily handle traffic of at least 1 Million every month.

Google Cloud

No other hosting company can compete with Google Cloud in the area of ​​cloud hosting. This cloud hosting is a service of Google itself. Which provides advanced-level cloud hosting to its customers through the Cloudways platform.

Google Cloud’s servers on the Cloudways platform have a lower price tag of $ 33 per month. You can Unlimited Traffic Handle on your blog with these servers.

6. Frequently Asked Question

What is the lowest price on Cloudways Hosting?

On the Cloudways platform, you will find different cloud servers. Which have different monthly fees. But here, at the lowest price, you will get DegitalOcean’s server for 10 $ / Month.
With this, when the traffic on your website starts increasing, then you can easily upgrade your server.

Is CPanel available in Cloudways Hosting?

You do not find Cpanel in Cloudways Hosting. Because Cloudways only manages the servers of different cloud companies like Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, etc. But if you want to access the file of your blog, then you can use Filezilla Software. How to use this software, you will find all this information in the tutorial section of Cloudways hosting.

7. Conclusion: Cloudways Web Hosting Review

Through this article, we have done a detailed review of Cloudways Web Hosting for you. I also use Cloudways hosting for hosting my blog ( In this post, I have shared my experience with you about this hosting.

I hope you have liked this Cloudways Hosting Review written by us.

Along with this, your search for one of the Best Web Hosting will also be completed here.

Thank you

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