What is Bounce Rate? how to reduce bounce rate 2022

Bounce rate plays a major role in the ranking of any website or blog in search engines. Through this article, we will give you complete information about the bounce rates of any website ya blog. We will tell you what is the website bounce rate, why it is so important for any blog or website, and along with this, we will tell you how to reduce the bounce rate on your blog or website.

If you are reading this post then you definitely want to know in-depth about bounce rate.

If Google Adsense or other advertising platform is your only source of income, then the bounce rate of your blog or website can have a huge impact on this income.

That is why it is very important for you to know about the bounce rate.

Let us tell you in detail about the bounce rate coming to any blog or website.

What is Bounce Rate

The Bounce Rate of any website or blog is called the percentage of visitors who come to that website or blog, who leave that site only after viewing any one page of that website or blog.

If we explain to you in easy language, then the bounce rate of any site is the percentage of people who visit only one page at a time on that site and go to another site.

Let us understand this by giving an example. Let’s say that the bounce rate of a site is 60%. Having a bounce rate of 60% means that out of the total number of visitors to that site, 60% of the visitors are those who have seen only one page of that site open.

We are sure that you must have understood what the bounce rate is. Along with this, we would like to tell you that the website which has the lowest bounce rate, that website has a good ranking in the search engine. Meaning the lower the bounce rate, the better the website ranking.

According to search engines like Google, the bounce rate of an average website is between 40% and 80%. If your blog or website has a bounce rate of 80%, then it means that the interest of the people on your site is only 20%. If the bounce rate of a website is 10% or less then this bounce rate is called an ideal bounce rate.

How to check The Bounce Rate of any Website

By the way, you will get thousands of websites to check the bounce rate of any website or blog on the internet. On all these websites you can check the bounce rates for your website for free. But in all these websites only and only Google Analytics and Alexa can be fully trusted. Because Google Analytics is owned by Google while Alexa is on Amazon. Both are well-known search engines of the world. It is very important for a new blogger to know the bounce rate of his blog or website so that he can improve his website more. By improving the bounce rate, the performance of your website automatically increases and the user gets a good experience.

How to check your website’s bounce rate on Alexa?

  • First of all, with the help of any browser, go to the website of Alexa.com (by clicking here).
  • After this, go to the free tools given in the top right corner and click on “Website Traffic Statistic”. Apart from this, you can also go direct by clicking here.
  • Enter the domain name or URL of your blog or website in the search bar provided. As soon as you enter the URL, the analysis report of your website will come in front of you.
  • In this report, you can find much information about your blog or website like Audience Overlap, Audience Geography, Engagement, Top Keyword, Alexa Rank, Total Sites Linking, Related Sites, Daily Pageviews per Visitor, Daily Time on Site and Bounce Rate, etc.
  • You can also take the 14 Days Free Trial of Alexa.com to know more details. In this free trial, you can use all the features of Alexa.com with complete freedom.

How to check your website’s bounce rate on Google Analytics?

Google is the largest search engine in the world. And Google Analytics is a free service from Google itself. Where you can get information about the daily, monthly, or yearly traffic of your website for free. Google Analytics is the best tool to check the correct bounce rate of any website. For this, it is very important for you to connect your blog or website with a Google Analytics account.

Why does the bounce rate of a website increase?

If the bounce rate of your website or blog is not according to a set standard, then there can be many reasons for this. It is very important for you to pay special attention to all these reasons. We have prepared some such reasons for you:

Poor Website Loading Speed

The main reason for increasing the bounce rate of any website is the high loading speed time of that website or blog. The user gets upset due to the late opening of the website and switches to another website immediately. This negative behavior of the user is the most dangerous for your blog or website.

Lack of High-Quality Content

If you are not providing high-quality content for yourself, then it can increase the bounce rate of your blog or website.

Single Page Site

Google search engine treats every single post on your blog or website as a single page. If there is not much content available on your website, then the user will not be able to have a good page experience. A user who comes to a single page site once, there will be very little chance that he will reread this old content next time. That old user will immediately move to another website which will play a significant role in increasing the bounce rate of your blog or website.

Poor Website Design

You all know that beauty always attracts more customers. A bad web design doesn’t suit anyone. That is why whenever you work on any blog, always use a premium theme.

Having Copy Paste Content

It is said that hard work always brings color. That is why if you want to work well on your blog, then you have to work very hard. If you are copying and posting content from any other website or blog on your blog, then it will never be suitable for your blog. Whichever website you copy content from, that content is already ranking in search engines. You must have understood how a user can like to read copy content. This work plays a hidden role in increasing the bounce rate of your blog or website.

Rank Wrong Keyword

While writing an excellent SEO-friendly post, it is very important for you to choose the right keywords. If you get your post ranked in the search engine in any way by using the wrong keywords, then this work will not be able to last long. Due to the wrong keywords, traffic from search engines or social media will definitely come to your blog, but due to not getting the correct information, the user will leave that website immediately. And after that, he will never come back to that blog again. This behavior of the user will increase the bounce rate of your blog.

How to Reduce Bounce Rate for a Blog

There are many ways to reduce the bounce rate of a site today. Some of them are explained in detail below.

Good Quality Site Design

There is a good website design that attracts more and more users towards it. Generally, website design does not significantly much matter, but it enhances the page experience of your users. While creating a website or blog, we should always choose the right fonts, post images, background, etc., to be used in it. Along with this, it is very important for your site to be mobile responsive. Google has declared Mobile Friendly as the main factor for ranking. If you use the wrong fonts or images, then it is not comfortable for the user. You should always keep your site according to a certain set of minds. A well-designed website always has a low bounce rate. To create a good quality site design in WordPress, always choose a premium theme.

Post Quality Content

We have also told you above that the content on your site should always be of high quality. In today’s time, if you want to be more successful in the field of blogging, then you have to make the content king. Poor quality content will not be able to keep engaging the user with your site for long. Which works to increase the Bounce Rate on your site. So that is why you should always write an SEO-friendly post which should be at least 1000 words. And if possible, write more words on your blog post than your competitor’s blog post.

Site Page Speed

Leading any site very quickly depends on the hosting of that site. The bounce rate of a successful site matters a lot on the speed of that site. A sluggish site opening can never be good for any visitor’s response. That’s why visitors stop coming to the site that opens too late, or they come only rarely.

We have also told you above that the fast loading of any site depends on the hosting used on that site. That’s why you should always choose good hosting.

For this, you can buy Hostinger’s web hosting. Or you can read our blog post on Best Web Hosting.

You can estimate the loading speed of your site according to the table given below.

Loading Time Site Page Speed
1 SecondPerfect
1 Second से 3 SecondGood
3 से 5 SecondAverage
More than 5 SecondPoor

Single Page Site

Whenever you want to achieve good success in the field of blogging, then never create a single-page site. If you work on a single-page website, then the bounce rate of your site goes very high. A single-page site is a good choice for a website with only a tools niche. Apart from this, if you build a single-page site for any other niche, then it can prove to be fatal for you. Because every user comes to your site to get new information and not to read the same page again and again.

Proper Blog Writing Format

It is very important to have a standard format for writing posts on your blog, which should be SEO-friendly. To make your blog post-SEO-friendly, you can use any free SEO plugin like Yoast SEO, Rank Maths, etc. Apart from this, you must use language that is easily understood by the user to write the post. Because any user comes to your blog to get some information. If he does not understand anything, then he will never revisit your site in the future.

Never Use Copy Paste Content

Today’s user believes in doing a lot of research. He carefully examines the posts of each and every website. That is why whenever you write a blog post, keep in mind that the content is not present on other websites. For this, you can use many free tools which are present in today’s time. If the content of your blog is fresh, then the visitor will definitely show interest in it. By doing this, you can reduce the bounce rate to a great extent.

Create More Internal Link

Blog posts which do not have internal linking are neither SEO friendly and also increase the bounce rate of that blog. You must do internal linking in every single post of your blog. By doing this, the page season on your blog increases, and apart from this, the chances of increasing the bounce rate are reduced to a great extent. Because after reading a reader’s post thoroughly, there is a high chance of reading another pot by clicking on the internal link.

Conclusion: Check Bounce Rate

We have tried to give you complete information about the bounce rate in this article. In this post, we have told you what Bounce Rate is and how to reduce it, and apart from this, the main factors of its increase have also been explained in detail. Looking at its effect on the search engine, we have told all the ways to reduce it. If you use all these tips mentioned by us, then definitely you can get more traffic for your website from search engines for free. And you can quickly get all your posts ranked in the search engine.

If you still have any doubt about the bounce rate, then you can ask us through the comment. We will try our best to answer you as soon as possible.

If you liked this information about bounce rate, then definitely share it with your friends and relatives through social media.

Thank you.

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