Bluehost Hosting Review 2022

BlueHost is a very well-known name in the website hosting world. Bluehost’s servers host over 2 million websites. BlueHost has always been the first choice of new Bloggers, Business Owners, and Hosting Experts due to its excellent hosting and customer support service.

If you want success in the field of blogging, then you should have the best web hosting. Your website should open within a second.

Google itself has said that if there is a delay of 1 second in the opening of your website, then you can lose up to 7% traffic. You can understand from this how web hosting contributes to making a blog successful.

Therefore being the most reliable and trustworthy hosting is the key to the success of the blog. Bluehost company provides reliable and affordable web hosting.

If you do not know what BlueHost Hosting Company is. So for your information, we can tell that this hosting company recommends WordPress itself. The Bluehost company was started in the year 2003 by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth, but currently, the Endurance International (EIG) Group owns the company. The same company also owns the Hostinger web hosting company.

Many questions come to our minds whenever we start a new blog; we all think about which web hosting will be right for our blog. Which web hosting company provides the best facilities. Which web hosting can handle traffic to my blog properly etc.

We will tell you the answers to all these questions through this post. In this post, we will do a detailed review of BlueHost Hosting. We will tell you everything about this Bluehost hosting, what the specialty is, whether it has a loophole, how good and cheap it is for you, etc. After which, you can decide whether Bluehost hosting is a good option for your blog or not.

Is Bluehost good for beginner’s blog: Bluehost Hosting Review

The best thing about Bluehost hosting is that WorldWide itself recommends this hosting. This means that if you create a blog on WordPress, the speed of your website will be the best. It comes among the 20 best hosting companies in the world. Because Bluehost provides you with web hosting with the cheapest budget.

In Bluehost’s unlimited hosting plan, you will get a free domain name and free SSL for one year. Here you get 24/7 customer support which will solve all the problems of your blog immediately. The uptime of the host website on Bluehost is about 99.5%, and the server loading time is about 405 ms. Also, if you don’t like hosting, Bluehost guarantees to refund your money in 30 days.

What are the features of Bluehost hosting

Overall review of Bluehost hosting review

SNServices NameRemarks
1Domain NameFree
3Customer Support24 X 7 Customer Support
4Money Back Policy30 Days
5Hosting PlansShared, VPS, Dedicated, WordPress, Reseller, Woocommerce
6Manage AppWordPress, Drupal , Joomla Etc
8Starting PriceStart with Just $2.95/mo

Bluehost Hosting Advantage

High-speed website performance

If you want to get success in the field of blogging, your blog should be ranked on Google. This will only happen when the speed of your website is good, i.e., the loading time will be very less. The loading time of any website depends very much on your web hosting. If you buy the hosting of Bluehost, you don’t need to worry about website loading time. Bluehost automatically increases the loading time of any website with the help of its high-class server. And you will be surprised to know that Bluehost also promises to provide 99.99% uptime to the website hosted on its server.

Free domain name for one year

To run any blog, two things are most important, the first is the domain name, and the second is the security of your blog or website. Whenever you buy any hosting plan for your new or old website on Bluehost, then both these domains and security get you absolutely free from Bluehost for 1 year. If you do not want to choose a domain name at the time of hosting purchase, you can buy it in the future as well. For this, all you have to do is click on the button “Reserve Domain Name for Future” below. Whenever you buy a new domain name in the feature, no money will be charged from Bluehost.

Free SSL for Best website security

For the past few years, Google is very serious about the safety of its users. Google publishes most of the websites which have SSL certificate on their platform. The SSL certificate has been sought by Google as an important factor in website ranking.

Bluehost provides the facility of free SSL installation on the website of its new and old customers. This SSL certificate makes your domain more secure, due to which your website is protected from attack by hackers and viruses. You do not need any technical knowledge to install SSL on your website with Bluehost hosting. You can secure your website with the help of SSL with a single click.

WordPress Recommendation

Although there are many web hosting companies in the world that fulfill the minimum requirement of WordPress, Bluehost is the highly-rated web hosting which is recommended by WordPress itself. This means that if you want to start your own blog on WordPress, Bluehost will be the best web hosting for you.

WordPress Recommend web hosting

Easy to use

Bluehost has been trying to make its hosting WordPress-centric for some time. Recently in 2020, they have updated their cPanel database. cPanel is a place where you can control the backend of your website. You can install an application like WordPress with just a single click with the help of Bluehost hosting cPanel. You do not need any coding knowledge for this. There are a lot of companies in the market that provide limited cPanel with shared hosting. But Bluehost provides complete user control cPanel to provide a good experience to its user. Today, 28% of the world’s websites run on the WordPress platform. Because Bluehost is a WordPress-centric Hosting Provider, we can expect more good features in the Future.

MoneyBack Guarantee

Almost all hosting companies offer a refund policy for their customers. If you do not like their product or service, you can get your refund back within a certain period. Similarly, Bluehost also guarantees a 30-day refund policy for its new customers. But you have to keep in mind that this offer applies only and only to the hosting service. Apart from this, if you buy any other service or addon, then this refund policy does not apply.

24/7 Customer Support

The main reason for choosing Bluehost in the world of web hosting is its knowledgeable customer support. Bluehost has a very good team of customer support workers having good knowledge related to web hosting, who will solve all your problems in a few moments. Three options for contacting customer support are available in the form of chat, email, and telephone. Apart from this, you also find many articles and videos, etc., on their website, which is very helpful in solving your minor problems. If all these articles and videos do not solve your problem, then you can immediately contact Bluehost’s customer care, who will definitely solve your problem.

Bluehost Hosting Disadvantage

Site Migration is Not Free: Bluehost Hosting Review

When you want to migrate your website to Bluehost Hosting from another hosting company, Bluehost does not provide this service to you for free. For this, Bluehost charges you a considerable amount. There are many hosting companies in the market, such as A2 Hosting, Cloudway, and Hostinger Hosting Provider, which offer the option of free website migration. But on Bluehost Hosting, you can migrate your website or blog to Bluehost Hosting by talking to their customer care or watching videos on YouTube.

Expensive Renewal Plan

Most of the hosting companies in the market give a huge discount initially to attract new customers, but after that, whenever you renew your hosting, these companies charge you a lot of money. This is the second biggest drawback of Bluehost hosting. Whenever you renew your hosting, Bluehost’s renewal fees are very high. So whenever you buy hosting on Bluehost, buy hosting for at least 2 or 3 years only. This will save you a lot of money that will be spent on hosting.

Hosting Plan

Whenever you buy hosting on the Bluehost website, then you get 3 plans here.

  1. Shared Hosting ($3.95/mo)
  2. VPS hosting ($19.99/mo)
  3. Dedicated Hosting ($79.99/mo)

BlueHost Shared Hosting Plans

In the shared hosting of Bluehost, you get four types of plans, which you can choose according to your convenience.

  • Basic Plan: In this plan of Bluehost, you can host only 1 website. In this, you get SSD storage up to 50 GB with Unmetered Bandwidth. Domains and SSL are also available for free. But domain privacy facility is not available in this plan. If you buy this plan for 3 years, then you will get it according to $ 3.95/month (Rs199/month in India).
  • Plus Plan: With this Bluehost plan, you can host unlimited websites on your hosting. In this plan, you also get unlimited SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth with free domain and SSL. Along with this, you will also get Office 365 for a month for free.
  • Choice Plus Plan: (Recommended by Bluehost) With this Bluehost plan, you can host unlimited websites on your hosting. In this plan, you also get unlimited SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth along with free domain and SSL. Along with this, you also get the option of domain privacy and automatic free backup for one year. Also, Office 365 subscription will also be available for free for one month.
  • Pro Plan: This plan is also like a choice plan, but in this plan, your website hosting gets extra CPU which increases the performance of your website. Along with this, you also get a dedicated IP address in this plan.

How to Buy BlueHost Hosting: Bluehost Hosting Review

Step 1: Grab the Best Deal

Click this “Bluehost signup link” to get a 60% discount.

Step 2: Choose the Hosting Plan

Click on the shared hosting “Learn More” button. Here you will find four options of shared hosting. Select one of these plans according to your budget. For the best performance and good loading speed of your blog, buy Chaise Plus as recommended by Bluehost.

Bluehost shared hosting plan

Step 3: Choose the Free Domain Name by BlueHost

Here Bluehost gives you the freedom to choose a domain name for free. If you already have a domain, you can proceed by clicking “I’ll create domain name later”. Whenever you buy a domain name from Bluehost in the future, Bluehost will not charge you any money.

Chose domain name on bluehost

Step 4: Account Information

In this part, you have to share your information with Bluehost. Here additional taxes will be applied according to your country. So choose your new country wisely.

Account information Bluehost hosting

Step 5: Package Information

In this step, you have to choose how many years of hosting you have to buy. Our opinion is that you should buy Hosting Plan for more and more years because Bluehost’s renewal Fee is very high but hosting is very good. After selecting a package, you will get a lot of extra addons, which will have different prices; you have to uncheck all of them.

shared hosting package information bluehost

After providing all this information and details, you will be listed along with the total amount to be paid, including all taxes.

Step 6: Sign Up and Payment Details

Bluehost offers you two payment options, first by credit card and second by PayPal. Choose one suitable option from these two options. After this, accept the terms and conditions and privacy policy of Bluehost by clicking on the check box. Then click on the submit button. By coming here, the process of buying shared hosting on your Bluehost ends.

Frequently Asked Question

Does BlueHost provide a domain name for free with hosting?

Yes, when you buy any BlueHost Hosting package, you get a free domain name for one year.

Is BlueHost the best hosting for a new blogger?

Bluehost itself is recommended by WordPress. If your new blog is built on WordPress, then this hosting is the best hosting for you. Apart from this, you also get a domain and SSL certificate for free.

Is Bluehost Hosting Better Than Godaddy Hosting?

Never buy GoDaddy hosting. Bluehost hosting is much better than GoDaddy hosting. Here you get a domain name for free and also the best customer support.

Conclusion: Bluehost Hosting Review

Through this article, we have given you a full review of Bluehost Hosting. In this post, we have talked about almost all the important points related to Bluehost hosting. We hope that now you have understood that Bluehost Hosting is the right hosting for your website or not.

If you liked this post, then definitely share this article with your friends and relatives so that they too can know about its advantages and disadvantages before taking up the hosting of Bluehost.

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