Best Sports Affiliate Programs to Make Money in 2022

Whether it is cricket, football, or any sport, people’s interest has been in outdoor sports forever. Today the sports industry has a market of more than $ 600 billion on a global scale. This number is about a quarter of India’s GDP.

Every child has a different inclination for outdoor sports from the initial days. It is a large-scale emerging industry that is full of lucrative opportunities. Whatever situation may come in the world, this industry will never indicate its growth slowing down.

If you are thinking of doing affiliate marketing in the field of sports, then you have to think differently from the big shopkeepers present in the market. Only by doing this you can achieve success in sports affiliate marketing.

The commission is very high in sports affiliate programs, but the competition is very less. In this area, you can get a commission of at least 20% on a product.

Choosing the right sports affiliate program is a very difficult task for a new blogger. But you do not have to worry about this topic. We have prepared the best sports affiliate program list to help you choose the right sports affiliate program.

Best Sports Affiliate Programs

Today, most affiliate marketers do affiliate marketing for eCommerce sites such as Amazon and eBay. While the rest of the people do marketing on web hosting and blogging etc. But you would have seen very few affiliate marketers who would be doing affiliate marketing in the field of sports. Due to this competition has increased a lot in all these areas. But you have to keep in mind that the higher the competition, the more difficult it is to convert visitors.

NameEarningCookie periodsWebsite Link
Enigma Fishing20% per sale90 daysClick hare
Sports Memorabilia12% per sale30 daysClick Here
Nike11% Per Sale30 DaysNike
Al’s Sporting Goods10% per sale150 daysClick Here
BPI Sports 10% per sale60 daysClick Here
Soccer Store7-10% per sale60 daysClick Here
Fanatics Affiliates10% per sale7 daysClick Here
Mountain Hardwear 10% per sale21 daysClick Here
Leather Head Sports Affiliates10% per sale60 daysClick Here
Online Sports10% per sale60 daysClick Here
LeftLane Sports10% per sale60 daysClick Here
HidrateSpark affiliate10% per sale7 daysClick Here
PrimeSport8% per sale30 daysClick Here
JumpSport Fitness8% per sale30 daysClick Here
Eastern Mountain Sports7% per sale14 daysClick Here
Road Runner Sports6% per sale7 daysClick Here
Dick’s Sporting Goods5-7% per sale10 daysClick Here
GoPro5% per sale30 daysClick Here
Under Armour5% per sale30 daysClick Here
TaylorMade Golf5% per sale30 daysClick Here
Total Gym3-7% per sale45 daysClick Here
Fitbit3% per sale15 daysClick Here
Gainful$20 per sale30 daysClick Here
PlayYourCourt$15 per sign up90 daysClick Here


In this article, we have provided a detailed list of almost all the best sports affiliate programs. Along with this, commissions and program joining links found on every cell have also been provided. So that you do not face any problems in choosing the right program.

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