16 Best Paid Online Survey Sites in 2022

Whenever you search about how to earn money online for free or work from home job, then an online survey website comes first. It is nice to hear that a company gives us money to know our opinion. In these best online paid survey sites, you can trust the same website, which pays for your work in reality. The online survey market in the world is about 44 billion dollars. Obviously, when its market is so big, then there will be many scammers in it.

The best thing about all these websites is that here you can generate a spot income by working a few hours with the help of your laptop or mobile phone.

This can become a big source of your monthly income if you work a few hours every day continuously. From here, you can earn from $ 100 to $ 2000 a month. Most companies worldwide want to know the opinions of their customers through online surveys. In return, these companies also pay you.

These paid survey sites provide you with cash rewards, gift vouchers, coupons, etc., mostly in the form of rewards.

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Which online survey site will be best for you depends on your location. Just like some surveys are only for the citizens of the USA, some are for all the people of all countries.

Scam in a paid survey

Apart from being a market of 44 billion dollars, it also has a lot of websites that are fake. This website makes you work but does not pay when it comes to paying. Always keep your distance from such a website. There are some survey sites that demand money from you for signup only. If a website is asking for money to join you, then never connect with it. Because we have come to these websites to earn money and not to pay.

Keeping your security in mind, we have found a valid top 18 international paid survey websites for you. These best online paid survey sites definitely pay you high in return for your work and are also present globally.

Best Paid Online Survey Sites

NameCountry PresenceWebsiteJoining Link
SwagbucksUS, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland etchttps://www.swagbucks.com/Join Now
Toluna SurveysWorldwidehttps://in.toluna.com/Join Now
iSurveyWorldAustralia, US, UK etchttp://www.isurveyworld.com/Join Now
Survey DownlineUSA, UK, Canada, Australiahttps://www.surveydownline.com/Join Now
InboxDollarsWorldwidehttps://www.inboxdollars.com/Join Now
SurveyJunkieWorldwidehttps://www.surveyjunkie.com/Join Now
VIPVoice SurveyAustralia, India, Denmark, New Zealand etchttps://www.vipvoice.com/Join Now
Opinion SquareWorldwidehttps://www.opinionsquare.com/Join Now
SpiderMetrixWorldwidehttps://spidermetrix.com/Join Now
iPollWorldwidehttps://www.ipoll.com/Join Now
Opinion WorldUS, UK, India, China, Australia etchttps://www.opinionworld.in/Join Now
Harris Poll OnlineUS, UK, Canada etchttps://www.harrispollonline.com/Join Now
PlanetPanelWorldwidehttp://www.planetpanel.net/Join Now
Survey SavvyUS, Canada etchttps://www.surveysavvy.com/Join Now
ySenseWorldwidehttps://www.ysense.com/Join Now


We have told about 16 online international paid survey sites through the post. All these websites are trustworthy. You can join this site by clicking in front of the name given in the table. But before joining, you must read the terms and conditions of all these websites.
We hope that all these websites will definitely help you earn money with the help of an online paid survey. If you have any questions related to the paid survey website, then please tell us through the comment.

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