Best Online Course Platforms of 2022

The epidemic has had the greatest impact on the education system. After which, students have had to resort to online course platforms for their studies. This is the reason that the online course platform sector has grown very fast. According to an estimate, the market of e-learning and online will reach $ 300 billion by 2025.

Have you thought about giving some of your share in this big market? If you have some skills that you can sell to students? If you have experience in this field, then you can share your knowledge with the world. There are many forums on the Internet with the help of which you can make it possible.

For this, you just have to do your course (video or text form). You can sell this course on your website or the existing course marketplace website, and with the help of this, you can earn good money.

You have to work hard once to make a syllabus. After that, you will continue to get its price for many years. The more you market your course, the higher your course sales.

let’s get started.

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Best Online Course Platforms

SNCourse PlatformWebsitePrice Range

Best Online Learning Platforms

1Shaw Academy & Paid
2Skillshare & Paid
3Linkedin Learning & Paid
4Udemy & Paid
5Treehousettps:// & Paid
6Coursera & Paid
7OpenSesame & Paid

How Do I Create and Sell Online Courses

  • The development cost of your course
  • Best Software and Equipment for creating an online course
    • Microphones
    • Headphones
    • Best Screen recording software
    • Good quality Webcam
    • Audio and video editing software
  • Lighting and accessories
  • Create Valuable Content
  • Which one is Your Targeted Audience.
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Marketing


With the help of online courses, you reach your skills to the people who need them. Apart from this, it becomes a very big source of your income.

When choosing any of the best online learning platforms, there are some things to keep in mind:

  • What is the restriction?
  • Monthly charge?
  • What marketing facilities are available, etc.

The most important thing is that after creating the course, you must get feedback from the student and you have been constantly correcting the course. Due to this, the value of your course will always increase.

In this post, we have told you about almost all the best online courses and learning platforms. If you have any skill in which you are an expert, then start making online courses today. And generate a source of real income.

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